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Career Counseling and Development in a Global Economy, 2nd Edition

  • Patricia Andersen Midwestern State University
  • Michael Vandehey Midwestern State University
  • ISBN-10: 0840034598  |  ISBN-13: 9780840034595
  • 400 Pages
  • © 2012 | Published
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Accessible, practical, and succinct, CAREER COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY, 2nd Edition thoroughly prepares students for career counseling in today's marketplace. Maximizing student success, the text supports learning and understanding through its unique "Career Diamond" pedagogical model that helps students synthesize and apply career counseling theories. Cutting-edge case studies demonstrate the use of techniques and the application of theory. The new edition includes updated research, new coverage of the economic crisis, and an all-new Chapter 17 "Professional Issues: Ethics and Research". The text also offers thorough coverage of special populations--such as clients in the welfare-to-work program--and the impact of the global economy. Offering comprehensive coverage in a concise format, this popular text remains extremely student friendly with an emphasis on process.

Features and Benefits

  • A thorough assessment chapter describes how to integrate test results into a client's exploratory process.
  • Experiential exercises in every chapter give students experience applying text concepts to real-world scenarios and putting their counseling skills into action.
  • Theories of developmental psychology support career education programs.
  • The text's strong multicultural/global emphasis continues to be integrated throughout.

Table of Contents

1. Context for Career Services.
2. Career Diamond.
3. Person.
4. Career Development Theory: Super, Savickas, Blustein.
5. Social Cognitive Theories: Krumboltz, Gottfredson.
6. Global Economy.
7. Multicultural Career Counseling.
8. Process.
9. Techniques.
10. Assessment.
11. Information Services.
12. Career Development for Elementary in Elementary School.
13. Career Development in Middle School.
14. Career Development in High School.
15. Career Development for Emerging Adults.
16. Career Counseling for Adults.
17. Professional Issues: Ethics and Research.

What's New

  • Reflecting the latest practices and developments from the field, the exciting new Second Edition of CAREER COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY is packed with new examples, up-to-date research, and cutting-edge coverage of key issues.
  • Completely updated coverage of the economic crisis makes text material extremely relevant to what students see happening all around them--and perhaps even in their own lives.
  • Insightful discussions of "The Great Recession" shed light on the enormous impact of the economic downturn to clients.
  • Developmental neurological research is now included in the high school chapter, thoroughly explaining why adolescents think differently than adults.
  • A unique discussion on spirituality in chapter 16 demonstrates how some adults bring deeper meaning to life changes, including career transitions.
  • An all-new Chapter 17 covers the professional issues of ethics and research, emphasizing real issues straight from the field.
  • Concepts from Blustein's psychology of working are integrated throughout.


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Patricia Andersen

Patricia Andersen is a professor at West College of Education at Midwestern State University. She has taught career and other counseling courses for 15 years. Previously, Dr. Andersen served as a therapist and career counselor, training director of APA accredited internship, and director of the Career Exploration Program at Iowa State University. She has written numerous articles for professional journals and is co-author of ACQUIRING CLINICAL JUDGMENT.

Michael Vandehey

Michael Vandehey is professor of psychology at Midwestern State University as well as a licensed psychologist in private practice. He teaches a variety of courses, including general psychology, writing in psychology, developmental psychology, learning, abnormal, and psychology of the self. At the graduate level, he teaches marriage and family therapy, theories of counseling, child and adolescent clinical psychology, development across the lifespan, and career counseling. Dr. Vandehey earned his B.A. in psychology/German from the University of Oregon, his M.S. in marriage and family therapy from Indiana State University, and his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Indiana State University.