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Facilitating Hearing And Listening In Young Children, 2nd Edition

  • Carol Flexer, Ph.D. University of Akron
  • ISBN-10: 1565939891  |  ISBN-13: 9781565939899
  • 310 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1994
  • © 1999 | Published
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This thoroughly revised edition of a popular classic emphasizes the need to create an "auditory world" for children in which their auditory brain centers continue to develop the neurological and experiential foundations for literacy and learning. A wealth of new, up-to-date information has been added, covering recent developments in amplification technology, cochlear implants, federal legislation, and listening strategies.

Features and Benefits

  • Summary checklist at the end of each chapter and extensive glossary aid student learning.
  • Reader friendly fact sheets detail various hearing technologies.
  • Practical guidelines for maximizing hearing and the auditory environment.
  • Detailed strategies for developing listening skills.

Table of Contents

The Importance of Hearing and the Impact of Hearing Problems. Structure and Function of the Ear. Types, Degrees, and Causes of Hearing Loss. The Assessment of Hearing Loss in Infants and Children. Technological Management of Hearing and of Hearing Loss. Federal Laws That Govern the Provision of Audiologic Services to Infants and Children. Strategies for Facilitating Hearing and Listening in All Children - With or Without Hearing Loss. References. Glossary. Index.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Carol Flexer, Ph.D.

Carol Flexer has been a professor of Audiology at the University of Akron for over 20 years where her focus has been pediatric and education Audiology. She has lectured internationally and authored over 80 publications. She is the past president of the Educational Audiology Association and the American Academy of Audiology.