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Politics in Action: Cases in Modern American Government, 1st Edition

  • Gary Wasserman Johns Hopkins University
  • ISBN-10: 0618474161  |  ISBN-13: 9780618474165
  • 192 Pages
  • © 2006 | Published
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This unique, engaging reader presents 13 case studies each presenting a familiar event in modern political history. The event is dissected to create a snapshot of the relative institutions, policymakers, and groups that influenced its development. Factors under consideration include individual political personalities, public opinion on national policy, the role of the media, and the impact of lobbyists. Politics in Action encourages students to take a critical approach to contemporary events and consider the impact of politics on everyday life.

Features and Benefits

  • Case study introductions present the major topics in identifiable contexts.
  • Key concepts in each case are clearly identified, and students are encouraged to revisit the themes while considering the text from a critical viewpoint.

Table of Contents

1. The Meal Deal: The Dinner Table Bargain of 1790
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Background to the Compromise
Finding the Way to the Capital
The Compromise of 1790
Implementing the Bargain
After Dinner
2. Federalism in Education: No Child Left Behind
A Primer on Federalism and Education
Implementing Federalism: No Child Left Behind
North to Alaska: No Child Left Behind Comes to Kodiak
Conclusion: Education, Coherence and Federalism
3. Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan
Making the Case
Affirmative Action: The Debate
Legal Principles at Michigan
The Supreme Court Listens
The Court Decides
Reaction and Impact
To the Future
4. Freedom of Speech and Campus Speech Codes
Universities and Speech
Restraining Speech and Speech Codes
Baking Brownies and Freeing Speech
Universities and Talking
5. Abortion and Public Opinion
The Stability of Public Opinion on Abortion
The Historic Change in Public Opinion
Government, Groups, and Public Opinion
Abortion Opponents
6. Redistricting Reelection: A Campaign Manager's View
The Redistricting Racket
Fill 'er Up
Getting Staffed
Calls, Contacts, and the Candidate
Consultants and Mail
The Opposition and Election Day
7. Parties and Technology: From Voter Targeting to Internet Blogs
Rocky Mountain Targeting
Merging and Purging
Republican Outreach
Blogs, Governor Dean, and the 2004 Election
Climbing Aboard the e-Team
The Internet's Future
In Conclusion: The Partisan Politics of Technology
8. Harry & Louise vs. Bill & Hillary: An Interest Group Goes Public
Health Security: Alive on Arrival
Opponents of Reform Go Public
The White House Campaign Stumbles
The Battle Joined, and Broadcast
Post-Operative Postscripts
9. A Perfect Storm: The Lewinsky Scandal
A Charged Atmosphere
Media Feeding Frenzy
White House News Management: Shelter from the Storm
The Public Holds Their Nose and Applauds Their President--No Mean Trick
Toward Impeachment
The News of the Scandal, The Scandal of the News
10. Networking Congress: Passing Pension Reform
Saving for Retirement: Its History and Reform
The Early Rounds of Retirement Reform
Senate Grassroots
Several Days in May
Behind the Scenes with the Senate Staff
11. 9/11: Presidential Power in Crisis
The First Hours
A President's Public Response
Planning for Attack
Congress Salutes
The Press and the Public Rally
Limits of Bipartisanship
A Call to Arms
12. Columbia and the Challenger Disasters: Groupthink in a Bureaucracy
The Columbia Crash, February 1, 2003
Columbia: Foam Oversight
Columbia: Following the Launch
Challenger: January 28, 1986
13. Watergate, U.S. v. Nixon, and the U.S. Supreme Court
A "Third-Rate Burglary"
The Cover-up Unravels
The Other Branches Check and Balance
The Issues Before the Court
The Burger Court Waits for the Case
The Law and Politics of a Unanimous Decision

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