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MindTap™ Century 21 Accounting: General Journal (1-year access), 10th Edition

  • Claudia Bienias Gilbertson North Hennepin Community College, Retired
  • Mark W. Lehman Mississippi State University, Professor Emeritus
  • Debra Harmon-Gentene Mason High School
  • ISBN-10: 1285513703  |  ISBN-13: 9781285513706
  • © 2014 | Published
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MindTap™ Accounting for Gilbertson/Lehman/Gentene's Century 21 Accounting: General Journal, 10th Edition is the digital learning solution that helps instructors engage and transform today's students into critical thinkers. Through paths of dynamic assignments and applications that you can personalize, real-time course analytics, and an accessible reader, MindTap helps you turn cookie cutter into cutting edge, apathy into engagement, and memorizers into higher-level thinkers. MindTap Accounting includes the full student book in MindTap Reader, flashcards, animated quizzes, and Online Working Papers powered by Aplia™, which features auto-graded, interactive assignments that promote critical thinking and connect concepts to the real world.

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  • SEAMLESSLY DELIVER THE COMPLETE LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Now you can easily deliver course-appropriate content and the latest technology assets from a number of providers to bring students all of the resources they need--as they need them.
  • PERSONALIZE FOR EACH STUDENT WITH FLEXIBLE CONTENT. The innovative MINDTAP™ breaks down course content into easily movable objects to promote personalization, encourage interactivity and ensure student engagement.
  • EASILY CUSTOMIZE YOUR COURSE. From innovative technology tools to the leading CENTURY 21™ text, MINDTAP™ allows you to customize your course--and easily make adjustments "on the fly" as needed. With MINDTAP™ it's possible to intertwine breaking news into your students' lessons as you maximize today's teachable moments.
  • BRING INTERACTIVITY INTO LEARNING. With MINDTAP™ you can integrate numerous multimedia assets, including apps from Cengage Learning and other providers, as well as numerous in-context exercises and supplements. Stronger student engagement will lead to better student outcomes.
  • TRACK STUDENTS' USE, ACTIVITIES AND COMPREHENSION IN REAL-TIME. MINDTAP™'s complete tracking features provide opportunities for early intervention to influence progress and outcomes. Grades are visible and archived so both you and your students always have access to current standings in the class.
  • ASSESS KNOWLEDGE IN REAL TIME AS STUDENT PROGESS. Knowledge assessments throughout each section; after readings; and within activities, homework, and quizzes allow students to check their own understanding before moving ahead.
  • AUTOMATICALLY GRADE ALL HOMEWORK AND QUIZZES. Save time with MINDTAP's instructor-tested, proven automatic grading features.

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The MindTap Learning Path guides students through readings, multimedia, and activities designed to follow the learning taxonomy from basic knowledge and comprehension up to analysis and application. By hiding, rearranging, or adding your own content, you control what students see and when they see it and match the Learning Path to your course syllabus exactly.

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Online Working Papers – End of Lesson Review.
Online Working Papers – Apply Your Understanding.
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Reinforcement Activity.
Part Test.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Claudia Bienias Gilbertson

Claudia B. Gilbertson served as a highly effective high school instructor for 11 years and a community college instructor for 25 years. While retired from North Hennepin Community College, Ms. Gilbertson remains active in shaping today's educational processes as she serves as a respected and sought-after consultant for numerous online accounting learning solutions. She is active in the National Business Education Association, North Central Business Education Association, and Minnesota Business Educators, Inc.

Mark W. Lehman

Mark W. Lehman, assistant professor emeritus of Accountancy at the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy at Mississippi State University, teaches Accounting Information Systems and Forensic Accounting. A former auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dr. Lehman is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Dr. Lehman writes journal articles and consults with accountants on the use of software in fraud detection. He was awarded Outstanding Educator by the Mississippi Society of Certified Public Accountants in 2007.

Debra Harmon-Gentene

Debra Harmon-Gentene has taught business education at the high school level for 20 years and currently teaches at Mason High School in Ohio. A former community college instructor and corporate training manager, Debra has been active in the National Business Education Association, serving on the Entrepreneurship Standards Committee. Debra recently won the Leavey Award and Warren County's Innovative Teacher of the Year award.