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Exploring Juvenile Justice, 2nd Edition

  • Cliff Roberson Washburn University
  • ISBN-10: 1928916090  |  ISBN-13: 9781928916093
  • 384 Pages
  • © 2000 | Published
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This text examines how the juvenile justice system began and also addresses the system's current status and the direction it appears to be heading. Included are discussions on the history of juvenile justice, the controversial philosophy of the system, police involvement, detention and diversion, and the processing requirements involved throughout disposition. EXPLORING JUVENILE JUSTICE presents in-depth material in a fashion that enables the reader to enjoy and readily comprehend this complex issue. Lively chapters on causation, drugs, and gangs provide a well-rounded understanding of this subject.

Table of Contents

1. An Introduction to Juvenile Justice.
2. History of Juvenile Justice.
3. Causes of Delinquency.
4. Juvenile Gangs.
5. Abused and Neglected Juveniles.
6. Police and Juveniles.
7. Juvenile Courts.
8. Juvenile Court Procedures.
9. Juvenile Case Law.
10. Transfers and Wavers.
11. Juvenile Probation.
12. Juvenile Parole.
13. Group Home Programs.
14. Shock Incarceration.
15. The Future of Juvenile Courts.
16. Directions for Change.

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Cliff Roberson

Cliff Roberson has published, authored, and co-authored 40 books. His personal experiences include service in the United States Marine Corps (Infantry Officer and judge advocate), membership in Texas and California Bar Associations, admission to practice before U.S. Supreme Court and state courts in California and Texas, chairmanship of numerous panels on criminological theory and criminal law at ACJS.