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Discovery of Poetry, 2nd Edition

  • Frances Mayes San Francisco State University
  • ISBN-10: 0155001620  |  ISBN-13: 9780155001626
  • 656 Pages
  • © 1994 | Published
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THE DISCOVERY OF POETRY introduces the art and craft of poetry. From an early tribal orison on the rising sun to a recent freeway lyric just out of the word processor, poems always reveal the writer's concerns, feelings, and values. Starting with words and images, this book hopes to help the student understand the importance of word choice and image-making, building a foundation as he or she learns about rhythm, voice, and structure. Questions and writing prompts help facilitate class discussion and a deeper thinking about poetry. The last chapter, "A Poet's Handbook," breaks down the creative process of the poet from creating images to revision. THE DISCOVERY OF POETRY will help facilitate a deeper appreciation and understanding of poetry.

Table of Contents

1. Sources and Approaches.
2. Words: Textures and Sounds.
3. Images: The Perceptual Field.
4. The Speaker: The Eye of the Poem.
5. Rhyme and Repetition.
6. Meter: The Measured Flow.
7. Free Verse.
8. Traditional and Open Forms.
9. Subject and Style.
10. Interpretations: The Wide Response.
11. Writing about Poetry.
12. A Poet''s Handbook.