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Reading Strategies for Nursing and Allied Health, 1st Edition

  • Ann B. Faulkner Brookhaven College of the Dallas County Community College District
  • Dana K. Stahl El Centro College of the Dallas County Community College District
  • ISBN-10: 039577036X  |  ISBN-13: 9780395770368
  • 320 Pages
  • © 1999 | Published
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The only text of its kind, this unique volume is for upper-level developmental readers preparing for nursing and related health professions. The text opens with sound instruction in reading skills and techniques, followed by 19 readings, taken from textbooks and professional nursing, physical therapy, and allied health journals.

Table of Contents

Unit 1: The Reading and Remembering Process
Unit 2: Orientation to the Health Professions
1. Introduction to Physical Therapy
2. The Birth of a New Profession
3. Blessed Are the Flexible
4. Notes on Nursing: Chattering Hopes and Advices
5. Patient Teaching: Practice in Using the Index
6. Cultural Considerations
Unit 3: Pain
1. Care of Patients with Pain
2. Nurses Plunged Me Into the Pain Cycle: Nurses Pulled Me Out
3. Nurses' Judgments of Pain in Term and Preterm Newborns
4. Review of Literature on Culture and Pain of Adults with Focus on Mexican-Americans
5. Avoiding Opioid-Induced Respiratory Depression
Unit 4: Ethical/Legal Issues
1. Ethical Issues in Medical-Surgical Nursing
2. Ethical Perceptions of Parents and Nurses in NICU: The Case of Baby Michael
3. Ethical Decision Making
4. Caring for Pediatric Patients with HIV: Personal Concern and Ethical Dilemmas
5. When Language Is an Obstacle
Unit 5: Stress
1. Stress
2. Stress and Anxiety
3. Analyzing Job Demands and Coping Techniques
Unit 6: Review and Critical Thinking Practice