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Dental Hygiene Care: Diagnosis and Care Planning, 1st Edition

  • Laura Mueller-Joseph SUNY Farmingdale, NY
  • Marie Petersen SUNY Farmingdale, NY
  • ISBN-10: 0827356781  |  ISBN-13: 9780827356788
  • 272 Pages
  • © 1995 | Published
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This text provides a comprehensive look at the dental hygiene process and encourages the use of critical thinking. Quality, individualized client care developed through assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation are emphasized.

Features and Benefits

  • more than 20 tables provide easy reference and visualization of categories, checklists and guidelines
  • learning objectives and exercises included in each chapter enable the reader to assess his/her own progress
  • behavior models give some insights into this critical aspect of care
  • the only text on the market that provides guidelines for formulating a dental hygiene diagnosis
  • Text uses conceptual framework of the process of dental hygiene care which moves from assessment through to evaluation.

Table of Contents

Dental Hygiene Functions. Components of the Dental Hygiene Process. Implications of the Dental Hygiene Process. Preprocess. Components of the Assessment Phase. Data Collection. Documentation. Developing the Dental Hygiene Diagnosis. Data Processing. Formulation of the Dental Hygiene Diagnosis. Clinical Considerations of Planning. Using the Epidemiological Approach to Planning. Behavioral Consideration of Planning. Using Theories to Beneficial Health Behaviors. Identifying Alternatives. Writing the Care Plan. Appointment Planning. Appendices.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Laura Mueller-Joseph

BSDH, MS, Assistant Professor; Dept of Dental Hygene

Marie Petersen

Associate Professor, Dept of DH