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Retail Management for Salons and Spas, 1st Edition

  • Milady
  • ISBN-10: 1111540772  |  ISBN-13: 9781111540777
  • 341 Pages
  • © 2013 | Published
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Managing a retail operation in a salon or spa can be a daunting task. To the student learning business skills, Retail Management for Salons and Spas is a fantastic resource. This text provides essential business information and a clear understanding of what it takes to run a profitable retail operation while overseeing the day-to-day operations. Topics include identifying a target market, preparing and executing a marketing plan, retail sales forecasting, vendor selection, purchasing strategies, inventory management, record keeping, space planning, and incentivizing staff. It also effectively provides tools such as case studies, learning activities, and quizzes to bring lessons to life. With Retail Management for Salons and Spas, students will learn the why, the when, and the how of selling retail products to their customers.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • A wide scope of topics supports students with tools to use along all phases of retail management.
  • Quizzes at the end of each chapter assist students in retaining key concepts.
  • Case studies provide a realistic illustration of the key concepts so the student can relate to and connect with the material immediately.
  • Chapter learning activities encourage the student to apply the material right away.
  • Chapter 9 contains a launch timeline for opening a new retail space for a business.

Table of Contents

1. The Art and Science of Retail.
2. Retail Planning.
3. Purchasing.
4. Inventory Management.
5. Evaluating Financial Performance.
6. Sales and Service.
7. Visual Merchandising.
8. Marketing.
9. Salon and Spa Retail Opening.


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Resource on CD-ROM  (ISBN-10: 1133283950 | ISBN-13: 9781133283959)

This is the primary instructor resource to Retail Management for Salons and Spas. It includes lesson plans and Instructor Support Slides for each chapter as well as an implementation guide.

Spa Business Strategies: A Plan for Success  (ISBN-10: 1435482093 | ISBN-13: 9781435482098)

Spa Business Strategies: A Plan for Success uses thought-provoking questionnaires, practical examples and targeted worksheets guiding the reader through each facet of business development. It covers important business topics such as the need to develop a clear vision and solid business plan; understanding demographics and identifying their target market; finding the best location or purchasing an existing spa business; planning the physical space or the architecture and design of their spa; purchasing products and equipment; technology and computer systems; developing key marketing tools and strategies; analyzing sales and productivity data; promoting retail and service sales, developing excellent communication and customer service skills, managing customer and employee relations; using financial management tools and compensation strategies that will help them to maintain their business and manage day to day operations at maximum efficiency.

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Milady is the leading provider of comprehensive cosmetology educational and professional solutions for over 80 years.