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Human Conduct: Problems of Ethics, 3rd Edition

  • John Hospers University of Southern California
  • ISBN-10: 0155019597  |  ISBN-13: 9780155019591
  • 384 Pages
  • © 1996 | Published
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HUMAN CONDUCT strives to motivate and challenge ethics students through the use of realistic dialogues that bring ethical dilemmas to life. An engaging narrative style (including fiction) and an extensive series of examples illustrate theories of right and wrong as this introductory text describes and critiques traditional and contemporary moral problems.

Table of Contents

1. Moral Problems.
2. The Ethics of Self-Interest.
3. The Ethics of Duty.
4. The Good.
5. The Ethics of Utility.
6. Some Contemporary Views.
7. Human Rights.
8. Animal Rights.
9. Punishment and Responsibility.
10. Justice and Equality.
11. Political Ethics.