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First Responder Handbook: Law Enforcement Edition, 1st Edition

  • Andrea A. Walter
  • Marty Rutledge
  • Chris Edgar
  • Robin Davis
  • ISBN-10: 076684191X  |  ISBN-13: 9780766841918
  • 416 Pages
  • © 2004 | Published
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Written by a group of emergency response professionals from a broad spectrum of public safety and emergency services, this new edition of the First Responder Handbook provides specialized instruction with a focus on emergency medical service training and education that fulfills the requirements for first responder certification as outlined by the National Department of Transportation (D.O.T). This book focuses on first responder education for law enforcement personnel, and offers important concepts, skills, and procedures that enable law enforcement officers to provide quality emergency medical care are offered, including safety and ethical considerations, patient care principles, emergency response tactics, and first responder reactions to incidents involving terrorism. The book also includes special sections specific to law enforcement officers. Among those are: assisting other emergency response personnel during vehicle extrication; traffic control; prisoner care and transport; and the use of less lethal weapons.

Features and Benefits

  • a detailed grid at the front of the book correlates the cognitive objectives of the National D.O.T. curriculum to specific page numbers and references within the book
  • step-by-step skills outlined with full-color photographs communicate the essential information necessary for first responder certification, and include the correlating number to the applicable national D.O.T. objective
  • �Street Stories� and �Street-Smart Tips� features bring content to life through stories and advice gathered from law enforcement officers across the U.S.
  • an expansive supplements package offers a wide selection of teaching and learning tools, including: - a detailed Instructor's Guide with lesson plans, PowerPoint, and an image library - a Student Workbook that offers various practice questions to help readers track progress and develop knowledge - a Computerized Test Bank containing comprehensive tests and quizzes for each chapter - the First Responder Pocket Guide to be used for exam prep or when working in the field

Table of Contents

About our Authors.
D.O.T Curriculum Correlation Guide.
Chapter One: The First Responder.
Chapter Two: Emotional Issues & the First Responder.
Chapter Three: Safety & the First Responder.
Chapter Four: Legal & Ethical Considerations.
Chapter Five: The Human Body.
Chapter Six: Lifting & Moving Patients.
Chapter Seven: Airway & Breathing.
Chapter Eight: Patient Assessment.
Chapter Nine: Circulatory System & Shock.
Chapter Ten: Automated External Defibrillaiton.
Chapter Eleven: Illness.
Chapter Twelve: Soft Tissue Injury & Bleeding.
Chapter Thirteen: Injuries to Muscles & Bones.
Chapter Fourteen: Infants & Children.
Chapter Fifteen: Pregnancy & Childbirth.
Chapter Sixteen: The First Responder in Law Enforcement.
App A Job Description of First Responder.
App B Common Medication & Uses.
App C Acronym List.


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Guide  (ISBN-10: 0766841928 | ISBN-13: 9780766841925)

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Andrea A. Walter

Andrea Walter is a firefighter/technician with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority and a life member and former officer of the Sterling Volunteer Rescue Squad. She has been active in the fire and emergency services community for over twenty years and has served as the Manager of the Commission on Fire Accreditation International for the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and assisted in a variety of projects with the National Volunteer Fire Council, Women in the Fire Service, and the United States Fire Administration.

Marty Rutledge

Marty Rutledge is a Firefighter/Engineer and EMS Program Manager for Loveland Fire and Rescue in Loveland, Colorado. Marty is a member of the Fire Certification and Advisory Board to the Colorado Division of Fire Safety, serving also as the State First Responder program coordinator. He is also a member of the Colorado State Fire Fighter's Association and has over 11 years of fire and emergency services experience in both volunteer and career ranks. Marty also authored and served as technical expert for a supplementary firefighter training package for Delmar Learning¿s Firefighter's Handbook.

Chris Edgar

Chris Edgar has been involved in emergency medical services for more than ten years. He has served as both a volunteer and a paid EMS professional and has held numerous positions in administrative and operational capacities. Chris is an experienced first responder instructor, providing classes in the Charleston, South Carolina, area. Mr. Edgar is currently a partner and training officer for Family Medical Transport, LLC, a private ambulance service.