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Health Psychology: A Cultural Approach, 3rd Edition

  • Regan A.R. Gurung University of Wisconsin, Green Bay
  • ISBN-10: 1285062116  |  ISBN-13: 9781285062112
  • 592 Pages
  • © 2014 | Published
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Using a conversational style that conveys the excitement, research base, and real-world applications of the field, Regan A. R. Gurung introduces students to health psychology with an integrated cultural perspective. Gurung focuses on key determinants of behavior--such as family, ethnicity, and religion--which are not always highlighted in health psychology books. The text is packed with the most up-to-date citations available, presenting topics taken straight from headline news as well as classic issues in the field. A range of vivid examples from different cultural groups provides students with a comprehensive description of basic theories and an overview of cutting-edge research in health psychology. Special sections that showcase clinical applications, coverage of personality and social psychological theories, and chapters devoted to variations in cultural beliefs, human development, and different diseases combine to give readers the best of many worlds. Available with InfoTrac® Student Collections http://gocengage.com/infotrac.

Features and Benefits

  • Over 1,000 research articles are cited, assuring that students read authoritative, up-to-date information. Additionally, discussions are supported by as many relevant citations as possible to provide students with a robust scientific introduction to the field.
  • Critical-thinking questions ask students to "SEA"--Synthesize, Evaluate, and Apply--the material.
  • By highlighting real-world cases, the "Focus on Clinical Applications" boxes bring theories alive for students and enable them to relate the content to their lives.
  • Gurung uses actual research instruments, such as measures of stress and coping, and a variety of health checks.
  • Each chapter ends with a concise summary to help students review the major points, plus a list of the key terms, people, and concepts and ten multiple-choice questions to allow students to check their grasp of the material. Answers are at the back of the book. In addition, annotated web resources encourage students to do research on their own.
  • Essential References sections for each chapter present pertinent articles, both classic and contemporary, that support the topic at hand.

Table of Contents

1. Health Psychology: Setting the Stage.
2. Cultural Approaches to Health.
3. Essential Physiology.
4. Stress across Cultures.
5. Coping and Social Support.
6. Models of Behavior Change.
7. Health Behaviors: Eating, Physical Activity, Smoking, and Drinking.
8. Factors Surrounding Illness.
9. Pain.
10. Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness, and Death.
11. Psychoneuroimmunology and HIV.
12. Culture and Cancer.
13. Culture and Cardiovascular Disease.
14. The Future of Health Psychology.

What's New

  • This edition provides more coverage on the work of clinical health psychologists, thereby highlighting real life examples that demonstrate the application of health psychology in students' lives.
  • New discussions cover major controversies in the field and political issues that influence health psychology, including legislation related to professional labels and titles (e.g., "medical psychologist") and updates on revisions and guidelines (e.g., DSM V).
  • To ensure accuracy and currency, all chapters have been updated with contemporary examples and research. New material includes expanded coverage of health disparities, more coverage on research conducted by interdisciplinary teams, broader discussion of new models of health behavior change, and information on national interventions to decrease childhood obesity. Coverage of culture has been fine-tuned to focus more heavily on cultural diversity in the United States (while still giving attention to global developments).
  • For students interested in a career in the field, this edition includes greater detail on competencies necessary to be a health psychologist, as developed by Division 38.
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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Regan A.R. Gurung

Regan A. R. Gurung is the chair of the psychology department at the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. His research interests include stress and coping, changing health behaviors, and the media and health. He currently teaches courses in health psychology and culture, development, and health and has published widely in journals such as Psychological Review. Gurung has won several teaching awards, most recently the University of Wisconsin Green Bay's 2004 Founders Association Award for Excellence.