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Careers in Criminal Justice Web Site - NE, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card, 1st Edition

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Now featuring a new state-specific tab for Nebraska that includes important information and links to the Nebraska State Constitution, laws, and procedures as well as state-specific career info; the CAREERS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE WEBSITE: NEBRASKA offers extensive career profile information and self-assessment tools designed to help students investigate the many criminal justice career choices. This insightful web site includes an interest assessment quiz to help direct students to the career that is right for them, over 150 career profiles, and dozens of video interviews that deeply explore each career path. The site also features a career planner with sample résumés, letters, interview questions, background checks, and more. The website now features a new tab with a wealth of information on "soft skills" including material on health and fitness, stress management, effective communication, and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Student Interest Assessment Quiz helps students determine which careers are best suited to their personality type and interests.
  • Video interviews with Criminal Justice professionals give students a concrete sense of what to expect from various criminal justice occupations.
  • Career rolodex includes salary information, qualifications, and job descriptions for close to 150 careers.
  • Career Planner includes sample resumes, resume template, sample letters, sample thank you letters, sample interview questions, types of interviews, and sample background checks.
  • Soft skills tab provides extensive information about the skills that are crucial for Criminal Justice professionals, such as stress management, medical emergencies and driving safety.
  • Links for Reference gives students contact information for dozens of state and federal agencies.

What's New

  • NEW! All your Nebraska state-specific resources are now available under one web site. The new state specific tab for Nebraska features sections on Law Enforcement, Criminal Procedures, the Nebraska Court system, the Nebraska Corrections system, Juvenile Justice, Homeland Security and Fusion Centers, and even more Career Development Information to help your students apply what they learn about the justice system to their own state.
  • NEW! UPDATED CAREERS ROLODEX reflecting educational and training requirements, current salary expectations and more.
  • NEW! "SOFT SKILLS" TAB provides extensive information about the skills that are crucial for Criminal Justice professionals, such as stress management, medical emergencies, health and fitness, and driving safety.

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