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Healing with Complementary & Alternative Therapies, 1st Edition

  • Lynn Keegan, PhD, RN University of Texas, San Antonio, Texas
  • ISBN-10: 076681890X  |  ISBN-13: 9780766818903
  • 544 Pages
  • © 2001 | Published
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This complete book presents healing techniques in complementary and alternative medicine as a way to promote optimal health care. It discusses the concept and origination of healing, as well as introduces the reader to healers and the techniques they use in the health care industry. It shows how healing fits in with our contemporary health care industry, and suggests the best place, time and condition for seeking alternative and complementary care. Documented, scientific research supports the effectiveness of healing techniques.

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Features and Benefits

  • Illustrated concepts with anecdotal, real-life healing stories
  • Includes up-to-date, scientific research that supports effectiveness and healing techniques
  • Offers steps to implement healing techniques and strategies in a clinical context
  • Points reader to additional resources such as Web sites, conferences, organizations and support groups

Table of Contents

Part I: The Concept of Healing. Chapter 1: The Concept of Healing. Chapter 2: The History and Future of Healing. Chapter 3: Driving Market Forces. Part II: Alternative and Complementary Approaches to Healing. Chapter 4: Alternative and Complementary Therapies. Chapter 5: Selected Healing Modalities. Chapter 6: Integrative Medicine. Part III: The Healers and the Healed. Chapter 7: The Process of Becoming a Healer. Chapter 8: Attitudes and Behaviors of Healers. Chapter 9: Healing Ourselves and Our Environment. Part IV: The Body-Mind-Spirit Connection to Health and Illness. Chapter 10: Consciousness and Healing. Chapter 11: Stress and Its Consequences. Chapter 12: Bolstering the Immune System. Part V: Healing Process. Chapter 13: Healing Life''s Crisises. Chapter 14: Healing Addictions. Chapter 15: Healing and the Grief Process. Chapter 16: Healing the Dying. Part VI: Healing Resources and Support Networks. Chapter 17: Alternative and Complementary Care Resources. Appendix.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Lynn Keegan, PhD, RN

Lynn Keegan, PhD, RN, is an internationally recognized author, seminar-leader and nurse educator. She is the Director of Bodymind Systems, a health care consulting agency. She has served as a nursing faculty member of three major universities and currently teaches both graduate and undergraduate nursing students at two different schools in Texas.