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Modern Livestock & Poultry Production, 8th Edition

  • James R. Gillespie Illinois State Board of Education, Springfield, Illinois
  • Frank Flanders University of Georgia
  • ISBN-10: 1428318089  |  ISBN-13: 9781428318083
  • 1136 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2004, 2002, 1997
  • © 2010 | Published
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Modern Livestock and Poultry Production, 8th Edition, entices and engages readers with new, full-color photographs and illustrations, and up-to-date comprehensive information. Having undergone extensive updates, Modern Livestock and Poultry Production, 8th Edition includes current issues in animal agriculture including, biosecurity, animal ID, and vertical integration, while still incorporating vital agriscience and production information, including real-life applications, required for high school students’ success in the field.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive, engaging, up-to-date information covering all major and most minor livestock and poultry animals.
  • Robust instructor support tools (available for purchase) include a Classmaster CD, teacher’s guide, and other ancillaries to make teaching the subject easier, more interesting and effective.
  • This text is used widely as a main text in animal agriculture Career Development Events (CDEs) sponsored through the National FFA. It is a recommended text for the National FFA Livestock CDE
  • The 8th Edition features an updated section current issues in animal agriculture including, biosecurity, animal ID, and vertical integration.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Domestication and Importance of Livestock.
Chapter 2. Career Opportunities in Animal Science.
Chapter 3. Safety in Livestock Production.
Chapter 4. Livestock and the Environment.
Chapter 5. Anatomy, Physiology, and Absorption of Nutrients.
Chapter 6. Feed Nutrients.
Chapter 7. Feed Additives and Hormone Implants.
Chapter 8. Balancing Rations.
Chapter 9. Genetics of Animal Breeding.
Chapter 10. Animal Reproduction.
Chapter 11. Biotechnology in Livestock Production.
Chapter 12. Animal Breeding Systems.
Chapter 13. Breeds of Beef Cattle.
Chapter 14. Selection and Judging of Beef.
Chapter 15. Feeding and Management of the Cow-Calf Herd.
Chapter 16. Feeding and Management of Feeder Cattle.
Chapter 17. Diseases and Parasites of Beef Cattle.
Chapter 18. Beef Housing and Equipment.
Chapter 19. Marketing Beef.
Chapter 20. Breeds of Swine.
Chapter 21. Selection and Judging of Swine.
Chapter 22. Feeding and Management of Swine.
Chapter 23. Diseases and Parasites of Swine.
Chapter 24. Swine Housing and Equipment.
Chapter 25. Marketing Swine.
Chapter 26. Selection of Sheep.
Chapter 27. Feeding, Management, and Housing of Sheep.
Chapter 28. Selection, Feeding, and Management of Goats.
Chapter 29. Diseases and Parasites of Sheep and Goats.
Chapter 30. Marketing Sheep, Wool, Goats, and Mohair.
Chapter 31. Selection of Horses.
Chapter 32. Feeding, Management, Housing, and Tack.
Chapter 33. Diseases and Parasites of Horses.
Chapter 34. Training and Horsemanship.
Chapter 35. Selection of Poultry.
Chapter 36. Feeding, Management, Housing, and Equipment.
Chapter 37. Diseases and Parasites of Poultry.
Chapter 38. Marketing Poultry and Eggs.
Chapter 39. Breeds of Dairy Cattle.
Chapter 40. Selecting and Judging Dairy Cattle.
Chapter 41. Feeding Dairy Cattle.
Chapter 42. Management of the Dairy Herd.
Chapter 43. Milking Management.
Chapter 44. Dairy Herd Health.
Chapter 45. Dairy Housing and Equipment.
Chapter 46. Marketing Milk.
Chapter 47. Raising Rabbits.
Chapter 48. Alternative Animals.


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

James R. Gillespie

James R. Gillespie, the original author of this text, had extensive training and experience in the field of livestock production and agricultural education. He received his BS and MS degrees in Agricultural Education from Iowa State University and his Education Specialist degree in School Administration from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois. Mr. Gillespie taught agricultural education at the high school and adult education levels. In addition to other agriculture-related positions, he was self-employed in farming and employed by the Illinois State Board of Education, Department of Adult, Vocational, and Technical Education, Program Approval and Evaluation as Regional Vocational Administrator, Region II. Mr. Gillespie was a member of Phi Delta Kappa and the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. James R. Gillespie passed away in 2006.

Frank Flanders

Dr. Frank B. Flanders is an Assistant Professor of Agriculture Education at the University of Georgia. He has served Agriculture Education for over thirty-five years. Dr. Flanders taught high school agriculture education for six years and was a Special Instructor in Agricultural Education at the University of Georgia for 15 years. Dr. Flanders has extensive experience in developing agriculture education teaching materials. He served as the Agriculture Education Curriculum Coordinator in Georgia, where he developed and maintained the Agricultural Education website, produced instructional DVDs and CDs for teachers, managed curriculum projects, and taught numerous workshops for teachers. He also served as the Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Resource Network Curriculum Coordinator for three years. Dr. Flanders served on the writing team for the National Standards in Agriculture Education and served as lead writer for the National Standards on Animal Science. In 2003, Dr. Flanders was inducted into the Georgia Agriculture Education Hall of Fame and received the National Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award from the Professional Fraternity Association. He has also received the Outstanding Faculty Member in Agriculture Education Award and the Outstanding Service and Faculty Member Award from the University of Georgia Student Government Association.