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The French Revolution, 3rd Edition

  • Owen Connelly University of South Carolina
  • ISBN-10: 0155078666  |  ISBN-13: 9780155078666
  • 448 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1991, 1979
  • © 2000 | Published
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This classic work on the French Revolution and Napoleonic era has been thoroughly updated to reflect the most recent scholarship on a magnificently complex epoch. Appropriate for upper-level French Revolution and Napoleonic era courses, this text's primary purpose is to give students the generally accepted "story" of the era and to furnish them with the basic knowledge to put in context the more sophisticated works listed in the bibliography.

Table of Contents

Table of Maps.
Table of Illustrations.
Introduction: The Attraction of the Era.
1. The Eighteenth Century.
2. The Great Surprise: The Onset of the Revolution.
3. The Years of Lafayette, 1789-1791.
4. Death of Monarchy, 1791-1793.
5. The Terror, 1793-1794.
6. Postscript to Terror: The Thermidorian Reaction, 1794-1795.
7. The Directory and the Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte, 1795-1799.
8. "There Is Bonaparte": Consulate, Empire, and Domestic Reform.
9. Forging a European Empire, 1804-1812.
10. Satellites and Puppet States: Governments and Relations with France.
11. The World and the French Imperium: The Resistance, Allies, and the World Impact.
12. Glory and Disaster: The Campaigns of Russia and Spain: The End of the Eagles.
Defining Citizens' Rights: Documents from the French Revolution.