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Research Methods: A Modular Approach, 3rd Edition

  • Sherri L. Jackson Jacksonville University
  • ISBN-10: 1285750497  |  ISBN-13: 9781285750491
  • 480 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2011, 2008
  • © 2015 | Published
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Sherri Jackson's RESEARCH METHODS: A MODULAR APPROACH combines a lively writing style with a novel approach to offer a refreshing alternative for the research methods course. Topics are treated in relatively compact units that, though logically sequenced, can be used in any order. The critical thinking theme that threads through the book engages the reader and asks them to continually evaluate evidence. This brief yet comprehensive book covers all the basic principles of research methods in a format that affords maximum flexibility in teaching and while encouraging active learning.

Features and Benefits

  • Topics are treated in relatively compact units that follow a logical sequence for the course, however, they are written so that they can also be used in any order.
  • Critical thinking approach is embedded in every module. This theme encourages the type of thinking that is necessary for effective research. There are critical thinking checks throughout each module continually ask students to evaluate evidence.
  • A running marginal glossary of terms ensures that students understand the material as they read it.
  • Review tables pull material together in a table format, making it easier for students to review material and to prepare for exams. These appear within every module.
  • End-of-module material that includes, Summary, Review of Key Terms, Module Exercises, Critical Thinking Check Answers and web resources, supports active learning and increased comprehension of the material.
  • The approach is direct and inviting, the prose clear and user friendly. Explanations are simple and concise yet accurate. A popular tone, with reference to public figures and events, pervades the writing, inviting and engaging the reader. No attentive reader will have difficulty with this text.

Table of Contents

Module 1. Science and Psychology.
Module 2. An Introduction to Research Methods.
Module 3. Research ideas.
Module 4. Ethical Research.
Module 5. Defining, Measuring, and Manipulation Variables.
Module 6. Reliability and Validity.
Module 7. Observational and Qualitative Methods.
Module 8. Survey Methods.
Module 9. Conducting Correlational Research.
Module 10. Quasi-Experimental Designs.
Module 11. Conducting Single-Case Research.
Module 12. Between-Participants Experimental Designs.
Module 13. Correlated –Groups and Developmental Designs.
Module 14. Advanced Experimental Designs.
Module 15. Data Organization, Central Tendency, and Variance.
Module 16. Transformation Scores and Correlation Coefficients.
Module 17. Hypothesis Testing.
Module 18. The r Test for Independent Groups.
Module 19. r Test for Correlated Groups (Samples).
Module 20. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).
Module 21. Communicating Research Findings.
Module 22. APA Sample Manuscript.
Appendix A. Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises.
Appendix B. Statiustical Tables.
Appendix C. Excel, SPSS, and TI-84 Exercises.
Appendix D. Computational Formulas for ANOVA's.

What's New

  • Photos have been added to the book, with chapter opening images and selected Images within chapters.
  • More contemporary research examples have been added to several chapters.
  • The Excel, SPSS, and TI-84 appendix that first appeared in the second edition has been updated to represent the most recent versions of these tools.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Sherri L. Jackson

Sherri L. Jackson is professor of psychology at Jacksonville University (JU), where she has taught since 1988 and currently serves as Chair of the Division of Social Sciences. At JU, she has won Excellence in Scholarship (2003), University Service (2004), and Teaching (2009) awards; the university-wide Professor of the Year Award in 2004; the Woman of the Year Award in 2005; and the Institutional Excellence Award in 2007. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. in cognitive/experimental psychology from the University of Florida. Her research interests include human reasoning and the teaching of psychology, and she has published numerous articles in both areas. She is also the author of RESEARCH METHODS & STATISTICS: A CRITICAL THINKING APPROACH, 5th Edition (Wadsworth/Cengage, 2016), RESEARCH METHODS: A MODULAR APPROACH, 3rd Edition (Wadsworth/Cengage, 2015) and A CONCISE GUIDE TO STATISTICAL ANALYSES USING EXCEL, SPSS, AND THE TI-84 CALCULATOR (Cengage, 2013).