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Career Transitions, 1 term (6 months) Printed Access Card, 1st Edition

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In today’s economic environment, it is more important than ever to help students figure out “what they want to be when they grow up.” Finding sustainable employment post-graduation is among the most difficult challenges facing today’s college students. Cengage Learning’s CAREER TRANSITIONS takes a user tested, technology based, practical approach to teaching students how to explore the variety of career path options available, along with practical job search advice. With CAREER TRANSITIONS, students can complete an interactive assessment that maps users’ interests through Department of Labor data and the Holland Code characteristics of vocational choice to explore potential career options, work through guided resume and cover letter creation, explore interactive interview practice and work through actual job searches. Help your students be successful post-graduation by giving them the tools they need.

Features and Benefits

  • CAREER TRANSITIONS helps students with a variety of career exploration and job search skills including:
  • An engaging and eye-opening career interest assessment that identifies career inclinations while helping users explore matching careers.
  • Information on education/training requirements, growth potential, average salary, day-to-day work, technologies & tools used, and more for a variety of careers.
  • A guide to creating targeted resumes and cover letters, including tailoring to experience level and important industry keywords and phrases.
  • A customized, interactive, interview simulation that takes users on an engaging practice ride through real job interview situations.
  • Expert tips and advice in the form of hundreds of expert articles and videos covering a wide range of career topics.
  • Comprehensive job search and tracking, segmented by level of experience, a tool for tracking jobs of interest and applications, and access to targeted advice and search tips.

Table of Contents

Assess Your Career Interests.
Browse Career Paths.
Match Experience to New Careers.
Search Schools and Programs.
Write a Resume.
Write a Cover Letter.
Job Search Tips & Advice.
Interview Simulation.

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