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Pharmacology Handbook for the Surgical Technologist, 2nd Edition

  • Jeff Feix Vernon College, Vernon, TX
  • ISBN-10: 1111306656  |  ISBN-13: 9781111306656
  • 288 Pages
  • © 2012 | Published
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Popular in the O.R. and the classroom, the 2nd Edition of PHARMACOLOGY HANDBOOK FOR THE SURGICAL TECHNOLOGIST provides the latest information about the drugs most often used in surgery. Based on the Core Curriculum of Surgical Technologists, this handy reference fits in the pocket of a scrub jacket, yet it is packed with essentials like common terms and abbreviations, a mathematics review, and discussions on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Most importantly, the comprehensive drug cards detail current drug information, including classification, routes of administration, contraindications, and more--all in an easy-access, easy-to-read format.

Features and Benefits

  • Well-Organized and Comprehensive: provides quick and easy access to the information professionals and students need to know about operating room drugs.
  • Helpful Introductory Sections: the introductory pharmacology sections are useful resources for general and review topics.
  • Alphabetical Drug Pages: designed to be a quick reference guide, these pages detail classifications, generics, routes of administration, contraindications, and more.

Table of Contents

Terminology. Routes of Administration. Abbreviations. General Drug Classifications.
Pharmacokinetics. Variables Affecting Pharmacokinetics. Six Rights of Medication Administration.
Medication Identification. Medication Measurements. Metric System. Household System. Apothecary System. Medication Delivery Methods. Sterile and Nonsterile Preparation of Medication. Mathematics Review.
Analgesics. Anesthetics. Antibiotics. Anticoagulants. Antiemetics. Cardiac Medications. Coagulants/Hemostatic Agents/Sealants. Diuretics. Dyes/Contrast Media. Hormones. I.V. Fluids/Irrigation Solutions. Narcotic Antagonists. Obstetrical Agents. Ophthalmic.
Sedatives/Hypnotics. Tranquilizers.Generic Name Index.Trade Name Index.

What's New

  • Current, Reliable Drug Information: includes the NEWEST drugs and current details about their interactions.
  • Portable, Pocket-sized Reference the new smaller "fits in your scrub pocket" size gives surgical professionals and learners easy access to critical information on the go.
  • Updated Classifications: new additions include Anticholinergic-Antimuscarinic drugs and Neuromuscular Blocking Agents, while all classifications of drug cards have been completely updated to reflect current practice.
  • Expanded Review Topics: a more comprehensive discussion on the Principles of Pharmacology now includes the Six Rights of Medication Administration, while the Practice of Pharmacology section has been revised into a more concise review of essential concepts.
  • Easier-to-Understand Terms and Abbreviations: updated according to current Joint Commissions recommendations, this section has been completely revised to be clearer and more concise.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Jeff Feix

Jeff Feix is an Instructor for the Surgical Technology Program at Vernon College in Texas, where he is also Program Coordinator. A surgical technologist since 1993, he has been involved in surgical technology education for more than ten years. Mr. Feix is a past president of the Texas State Assembly of the AST, and has served on the AST National Board of Directors. His credentials include being a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Surgical Technologist, Certified Surgical First Assistant, and a Fellow of the Association of Surgical Technologists, as well as holding an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration.