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AAUSC 2007: From Thought to Action: Exploring Beliefs and Outcomes in the Foreign Language Program, 1st Edition

  • H. Jay Siskin, Volume Editor Cabrillo College
  • Carl Blyth, Series Editor University of Texas at Austin
  • ISBN-10: 1428230114  |  ISBN-13: 9781428230118
  • 192 Pages
  • © 2008 | Published
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AAUSC 2007: FROM THOUGHT TO ACTION: EXPLORING BELIEFS AND OUTCOMES IN THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAM is the new volume in the annual program published by Heinle on behalf of the American Association of University Supervisors, Coordinators, and Directors of Foreign language programs (AAUSC). The series contains articles on the topic of advanced foreign-language learning. This volume contains thirteen authoritative articles that offer multiple strategies for eliciting and articulating beliefs and expectations from both professors and students in foreign language instruction. The original articles examine the topic from five perspectives: Historical Perspectives, Curriculum Development, Student Beliefs and Learning, Beliefs and TA Training, and Administration and Assessment. This volume sheds light on differing perspectives of the methods, contents and goals in the foreign language classroom in the hopes that it will diminish the discordance between teacher and student expectations, thus eliminating a source of common frustration in the class experience.

Table of Contents

1. Elaine K. Horowitz: Why Student Beliefs about Language Learning Matter: Issues in the Development and Implementation of the Beliefs about Language Learning Inventory. 2. Katy Arnett and Miles Turnbull: Teacher Beliefs in Second and Foreign Language Teaching: A State-of-the-Art Review.
3. Linda Quinn Allen: The Impact of Teachers' Beliefs on Implementing Curricular Changes.
4. Idoia Elola: Portrait of a Teacher: Beliefs on Feedback and Revision in the Foreign Language Classroom.
5. Ana M. Martinez and Cristina Sanz: Instructors and Administrators' Beliefs within a Spanish LSP Program.
6. Naoko Taguchi and Yasufumi Iwasaki: Goals, Beliefs, and Outcomes of an Elementary Japanese Program: Implementation of Chunk Learning in the Development of Interpersonal Communication Ability.
7. Nike Arnold: False Beginners' Transition to College-Level Foreign Language Classes: Beliefs, Expectations and Cultures of Learning.
8. Claudia Fernández: Persistence in Foreign Language Study: An Investigation of Learners' Beliefs.
9. Robin Worth: Before and after 101: Change in Learners' Attitudes in the Italian as Foreign Language Classroom.
10. Stacey Katz and Johanna Watzinger-Tharp: TAs and Grammar Teaching: Beliefs, Knowledge, and Education.
11. Nicole Mills and Heather Willis Allen: Teacher Self-Efficacy of Graduate Teaching Assistants of French.
12. Regina Roebuck and Lisa Wagner: From Thought to Advising: Exploring Academic Advisors' Beliefs about Foreign Language Learning.
13. John D. Sundquist and Colleen A. Neary-Sundquist: Student Evaluations and Teacher Assessment: How Much is the Course a Reflection of the Teacher?

Meet the Author

Author Bio

H. Jay Siskin, Volume Editor

H. Jay Siskin received his Ph.D. in French and Romance linguistics from Cornell University. He currently teaches both French and Spanish at Cabrillo College where he is the director of the Language Learning Center. He is a co-author of several college level French and Spanish textbooks.

Carl Blyth, Series Editor

Carl Blyth (Ph.D., Cornell University) is the Director of the Texas Language Technology Center (TLTC) and Associate Professor of French Linguistics in the Department of French and Italian. He is the author and co-author of dozens of journal articles, chapters, and books relating to language learning along with several media based introductory French products.