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Entrepreneurial Cyberlaw and Regulation of E-Commerce Firms Texts and Cases, 1st Edition

  • Sean P. Melvin Elizabethtown College
  • ISBN-10: 0324175795  |  ISBN-13: 9780324175790
  • 500 Pages
  • © 2005 | Published
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The text is suitable for any Cyberlaw course, but its approach is unique in the market because the text and cases are centered on entrepreneurship. It covers not only the fundamentals of cyber law and e-commerce regulation in a global business context, but also the impact of the law on the technology sector firm itself. It may also fit into an entrepreneur’s course or the MBA market. For cyberlaw courses that are not aimed at entrepreneurs, this book's life cycle organization teaches the law in terms of the life of a business.

Table of Contents

UNIT ONE: Cyber Entrepreneurs, E-commerce and the Law 1: Overview of Cyberlaw and E-commerce Business Models 2: Going Online: Formation Issues 3: Taxation of Products and Service UNIT TWO: Intellectual Property Law 4: Patents: Legal Protection of Inventions and Processes 5: Protection of Trade Secrets, Trademarks and Trade Dress 6: Copyrights UNIT THREE: Legal Issues in Operation, Management and Wind-Up of E-commerce Firms 7: Litigation and Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution 8: Jurisdiction In and Out of Cyber Space 9: Contracts, Sales and Electronic Commercial Transactions 10: Torts, Cyber torts and Product Liability 11: Raising Capital and Regulation of Securities 12: Antitrust and technology 13: Bankruptcy, Dissolution and Wind-up UNIT FOUR: Human Resources and other Government Regulation 14: Hiring, Employee Supervision and Termination 15: Computer Crime, Internet Regulation and Obscenity

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Sean P. Melvin

Sean P. Melvin is an assistant professor of business law and the Chair of the Department of Business and Economics at Elizabethtown College (Pa.). Professor Melvin is the author of over a dozen articles on business law and tax related topics and has written three previous books including The Entrepreneur¿s Handbook of Business Law (Macmillan/Simon and Schuster). After earning his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers Law School, Professor Melvin worked for several years as a corporate attorney at the law firm of Fox Rothschild in Philadelphia. He eventually joined a publicly traded software house as Vice President and General Counsel prior to entering the academe. His work has appeared in magazines such as Entrepreneur and Your Money, he has appeared on CNBC¿s Power Lunch, and has been interviewed by the dozens of media outlets including The Philadelphia Inquirer on topics ranging from cyber law to international tax and copyright law. He lives in Malvern, Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.