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The American Past: A Survey of American History, Volume I: To 1877, 10th Edition

  • Joseph R. Conlin Formerly at California State University, Chico
  • ISBN-10: 1133946623  |  ISBN-13: 9781133946625
  • 504 Pages
  • © 2014 | Published
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Author Joseph R. Conlin's award-winning teaching and writing styles are reflected in this colorful and engaging look at the individuals, events, and ideas that have shaped our nation's past. Organized into short chapters and updated with new insights into recently published research, this text sets the story in a political context, weaving in social, cultural, economic, intellectual, constitutional, diplomatic, and military events along the way. Conlin's popular sidebars and "How They Lived" vignettes bring historical stories to life and emphasize the human and social dimensions of history. With its literary prose style and its unifying voice, THE AMERICAN PAST, Tenth Edition, will capture and hold your students' interest as it guides them on a fascinating, eye-opening walk through the years gone by. Available in the following split options: THE AMERICAN PAST: A SURVEY OF AMERICAN HISTORY, Complete; Volume 1: To 1877; and Volume 2: Since 1865.

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Features and Benefits

  • Conlin's strong, accessible writing style and single narrative voice make the material easier for students to comprehend.
  • The text's organization based on more but shorter chapters helps to break the material into smaller, more manageable units.
  • Conlin's trademark boxed features (sidebars and "How They Lived" vignettes) bring colorful, lively "stories" to life while providing a social perspective, thus emphasizing the human dimension of history.
  • Graphic chapter timelines help students see relationships among various events, and place historical figures and movements into larger context of the era.
  • Detailed captions help students identify historical significance and noteworthy details.

Table of Contents

1. Discoveries: Indians, Europeans, and the Americas About 15,000 B.C. to A.D. 1550.
2. England at Home, England Overseas: The Roanoke and Jamestown Colonies 1530-1607.
3. Thirteen Colonies: England's North American Empire 1608-1732.
4. Old World Intentions, New World Facts of Life: Colonial Society in the 1600s.
5. Outsiders: Colonial Indians and Africans.
6. Contest for a Continent: French America and British America 1608-1763.
7. Family Quarrels: Dissension in the Colonies 1763-1770.
8. From Riot to Rebellion: The Road to Independence 1770-1776.
9. The War for Independence: The Rebels Defeated, The Rebels Victorious 1776-1781.
10. Inventing a Country: American Constitutions 1781-1789.
11. We the People: Putting the Constitution to Work 1789-1800.
12. The Age of Thomas Jefferson: Expanding the Nation 1800-1815.
13. Nationalist Stirrings: Culture, Politics, Diplomacy 1815-1824.
14. Machines, Cotton, Land: The American Economy and Society 1790-1824.
15. The People's Hero: Andrew Jackson and a New Era 1824-1830.
16. In the Shadow of Old Hickory: Personalities and Politics 1830-1842.
17. Religion and Reform: Evangelicals and Enthusiasts 1800-1850.
18. The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the South.
19. From Sea to Shining Sea: Expansion 1820-1848.
20. Apples of Discord: Lands, Slaves, Immigrants 1844-1856.
21. The Collapse of the Union: From Debate to Violence 1854-1861.
22. Tidy Plans, Ugly Realities: The Civil War through 1862.
23. Driving Dixie Down: General Grant's War of Attrition 1863-1865.
24. Aftermath: The Era of Reconstruction 1863-1877.

What's New

  • The tenth edition features updates and new information based on recently published research, including current interpretations worth noting as well as fresh illustrations (statistical, anecdotal, documentary) of the author's points.
  • Throughout the text, readers will find new and revised "How They Lived" features such as "The Republic of Porkdom" (Chapter 14) and "Total War in Georgia" (Chapter 23).
  • New and revised sidebars appear throughout the text.

Efficacy and Outcomes


"I give the Conlin text an A+ on readability."

— Richard A. Dobbs, Gadsden State Community College

"In my view [Conlin] has two related strengths: clear, compelling writing and pithy profiles of individual human beings who populate the text. This is a story with colorfully drawn characters. It works very well as a relatively traditional but very smart political history."

— Mark R. Wilson, University of North Carolina, Charlotte


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Joseph R. Conlin

Joseph Conlin was born in Philadelphia and educated at Villanova University (A.B.) and the University of Wisconsin (M.A., Ph.D.). He taught American history at half a dozen colleges and universities, spending most of his career at California State University, Chico. He was a Fulbright Professor in Rome and Salzburg and was twice Visiting Senior Lecturer at the Social History Centre at Warwick University, England. For 30 years (60 semesters), with a few subtracted for sabbaticals, he taught between one and four sections of the United States history survey course each term, a total of about 200 times. He won four awards for excellence in teaching. Conlin has written a dozen books, about 70 articles in scholarly journals and magazines of popular history, some 100 book reviews in a variety of journals, and more newspaper journalism than he can or cares to remember. Several of his published essays and one book were awarded "best of the year" prizes.