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Automotive Service Management: Operations Management, 1st Edition

  • Mitch Schneider
  • ISBN-10: 1401826652  |  ISBN-13: 9781401826659
  • 144 Pages
  • © 2003 | Published
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All aspects of shop management and the necessary business and customer service skills needed to make a repair operation successful are captured in this comprehensive new series. The key topics for successfully managing an automotive service facility - personnel management, business management, and sales and marketing - are thoroughly examined, with each individual book offering proven solutions for effectively tackling challenges faced by today's professional automotive service managers. The result is a framework from which technicians can learn to make consistent, high quality, and productive automotive service a part of every day shop operations. The series creatively combines both education and training to illustrate the importance of achieving operational excellence every time there is an opportunity to provide automotive service. This series is also a superb resource for those interested in Auto Service Management as their career path.

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Features and Benefits

  • a real-world approach that utilizes customer questionnaires, letters, and work orders reflects the author�s experience as a fourth generation technician, a repair and service company owner, and an automotive industry trainer
  • all-inclusive coverage includes customer relations, shop safety and hazardous material education, management and training, strategic planning, and more
  • interactive presentation of material allows room for readers to write down thoughts, plan actions, and document results that can be used as a future reference
  • policies and procedures can be applied to large or small repair shops, and can be carried out by the service writer, service manager, technician, office manager, and lot person
  • length of each book makes it easy to incorporate this series into workshops, seminars, and training/education courses
  • information is available �as is� or for customization

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Knowledge Management
Chapter 2: Historical Perspective
Chapter 3: Management In Time
Chapter 4: Benchmarking & Best Practices
Chapter 5: Managing Internal Operations
Chapter 6: Managing Compensation
Chapter 7: Managing External Operations
Chapter 8: Physical Operations
Chapter 9: Insurance & Operations Management
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Author Bio

Mitch Schneider

Mitch Schneider is a fourth generation "mechanic/technician" and is a frequent speaker at major conventions and meetings of automotive industry trade organizations. Schneider is also an award-winning journalist and is a regular contributor and senior contributing editor for Motor Age magazine. He provides commentary on the evolving relationship between service dealers, jobbers, warehouse directors and manufacturers. Schneider has also appeared on the TNN cable show "Truckin USA" where he hosted the "Tech Tips" segment. In addition to operating the award-winning Schneider's Automotive for 22 years in Simi Valley,CA, he is also the president and founder of Schneider's Future-Tech, a service company specializing in conducting management seminars for automotive service dealers, jobbers, and warehouse distribution companies, and manufacturers. Finally, Schneider has also served as automotive service dealer spokesperson for the AFTER MARKET AUTOMOTIVE PARTS ALLIANCE, headquarters for AUTO VALUE, ALL PRO & BUMPER to BUMPER and is still seated on their National Automotive Service Advisory Panel.