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Quick Skills, 1st Edition

  • includes Quick Start iMPACT Interactive Individual License CD-ROM and Quick Start Guide
  • Career Solutions Training Group
  • ISBN-10: 0538449322  |  ISBN-13: 9780538449328
  • Previous Editions: 2001
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Workplace skills are filtering into most areas of business education, taught as part of the course. Quick Skills iMPACT Interactive CD (site license) is a NEW interactive electronic tool built from 5 of the best-selling Quick Skills student Learner Guides. It includes updated versions of Customer Service, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Speaking and Presenting, Teamwork, and What Your Employer Expects. Whether the user is a high school student, post-secondary student, or corporate employee, this series can be used for quick, interactive training in workplace skills. The CD package provides a convenient electronic format that is easy to use and a value for the price. Activities enhance the instruction. The interactive CD-ROM includes forms that can be completed electronically and e-mailed to the instructor or printed out. Students also have access to PowerPoint slides and flash files.

Features and Benefits

  • The Customer Service section provides foundations for effectively working with others. Covering areas such as forming good relationships, soothing unhappy customers and using the telephone as a customer service tool, this is the perfect reference for the experienced professional, those re-entering the workforce and those beginning their careers.
  • The Decision Making and Problem Solving section covers topics such as thinking outside the box, team decision making and creating positive change in the workplace, Decision Making and Problem Solving will build upon the user's basic knowledge allowing them to feel more confident in this area.
  • The Speaking and Presenting section provides foundations for improving presentations. Covering such topics as knowing your audience, overcoming stage fright and creating visual aids, this is the perfect tool for the experienced professional, those re-entering the workforce and those beginning their careers.
  • The Teamwork section covers such topics as the nature of teamwork, techniques for effective listening and speaking and developing trust among your teammates, this quick brush up tool is perfect for the experienced professional, those re-entering the workforce and those beginning their careers.
  • The What Your Employer Expects section provides solid information on what employers are looking for from their employees. Topics covered include accepting responsibility, being a team player and providing service to both the internal and external customer. This book is the perfect reference for those experienced, those re-entering and those learning about or just beginning their careers.

Table of Contents

1. Customer Service.
Putting the Customer First. Knowing Your Customers. Pleasing the Customer. Building a Partnership. Providing Superior Service. Soothing Dissatisfied Customers. Customer Service by Telephone. Serving Customers Electronically. Customer Diversity.
2. Decision Making and Problem Solving.
Thinking Outside the Box. Critical Thinking Strategies. Decision Making Techniques. The Problem Solving Process. Action versus Reaction. Team Decision Making. Accountability. Creating Positive Change in the Workplace.
3. Speaking and Presenting.
Know Your Audience. Proper Preparation. Effective Delivery and Stage Fright. Appearance and Gestures. Visual Aids. Computer Presentations. Interviewing for a Job. Conducting Meetings.
4. Teamwork.
What is a Team? How a Team Functions. Valuing Diversity. Committing to the Team. Making an Impact. Handling Conflict. Risk Taking and Trust. Team Problem Solving. Being a Leader.
5. What Your Employer Expects.
Attitude Is Important. Ethics Count. Getting Along with Others. Good Work Habits. Accepting Responsibility. Providing Customer Service. Being a Team Player.

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Career Solutions Training Group

Career Solutions Training Group (CSTG) is a company of experienced forward-looking educators, trainers, and business professionals with a focus on sharpening workplace readiness skills for the 21st Century. CSTG provides consulting services to educational institutions and government agencies and their business partners. They also produce unique and highly effective publications for a wide range of education and training situations.