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Treatment Resource Manual for Speech Language Pathology, 5th Edition

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  • Froma P. Roth, Ph.D. University of Maryland
  • Colleen K. Worthington, M.S. University of Maryland
  • ISBN-10: 1285851153  |  ISBN-13: 9781285851150
  • 530 Pages
  • © 2016 | Published
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TREATMENT RESOURCE MANUAL FOR SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY, Fifth Edition, is an ideal text for students entering a clinical practicum or preparing for certification and licensure, as well as practicing professionals who need a thorough guide to reliable intervention materials. This detailed, evidence-based text includes complete coverage of common disorder characteristics, treatment approaches, information reporting techniques, and patient profiles across a wide range of child and adult client populations. In addition, the text contains a wealth of practical resources, including information on intervention strategies, goals, and techniques, as well as forms available in digital format for easy duplication and customization to specific experiences. The Fifth Edition features extensive new and updated material to reflect recent developments in the field and current evidence-based best practices. Two new chapters are dedicated to communication deficits in patients with autism or traumatic brain injury, both rapidly growing client populations. Additional updates include discussion of the impact of Common Core Standards on school-based interventions and the reaction-to-intervention (RTI) instructional model, new documentation trends such as self-reporting, expanded coverage of "telepractice," and new information on group therapy strategies. Widely respected this is a must-have resource for Speech-Language Pathology students and professionals.

Features and Benefits

  • A comprehensive, highly practical guide to common disorders and their treatment, including characteristics, intervention approaches, information reporting techniques, and profiles of patients across a wide range of child and adult client populations.
  • Provides a variety of useful resources for current and aspiring professionals, including detailed information on intervention strategies, goals, and techniques, and numerous ready-to-use forms that can be duplicated as-is or modified for specific experiences.
  • Case studies based on realistic scenarios showcase individuals with communication disorders to provide valuable real-world context for key chapter concepts.
  • Engaging, concise writing style makes even complex material easier to understand and apply, helping students and professionals alike appreciate how various treatment strategies enable clinicians to serve their patients and enhance outcomes.
  • Meticulously researched and updated references provide excellent additional resources.

Table of Contents

1. The Essential Ingredients of Good Therapy: Basic Skills.
2. Information Reporting Systems and Techniques.
3. Intervention for Articulation and Phonology in Children.
4. Intervention for Language in Infants and Preschool Children.
5. Intervention for Language in School-Age Children through Adolescence.
7. Intervention for Adult Aphasia (with Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury).
8. Intervention for Motor Speech Disorders: The Dysarthrias, Apraxia of Speech, and Dsyphagia.
9. Intervention for Fluency.
10. Intervention for Voice and Alaryngeal Speech.
11. Client and Family Counseling.
12. Multicultural Issues in Intervention.
Appendix A: Code of Ethics.
Appendix B: International Phonetic Alphabet Symbols.
Appendix C: Multicultural Tables.

What's New

  • Updated material based on important trends, topics, and evidence-based guidelines relevant to today's speech-language pathology and audiology professionals.
  • New, comprehensive chapter on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) includes discussion of DSM 5 criteria, detailed information on characteristics/severity levels of ASD, and substantial coverage of a wide variety of treatment approaches.
  • Information on adult neurogenic communication disorders is expanded and now comprises two separate chapters: (1) Intervention for Motor Speech Disorders, The Dysarthrias, Apraxia of Speech, and Dysphagia and (2) Intervention for Adult Aphasia, with a new section on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
  • Includes extensive information on the impact of Common Core Standards on school-based interventions, including how their implementation impacts the reaction-to-intervention (RTI) instructional model.
  • New material covers important and noteworthy developments in the field, including updates on "telepractice" and "telesupervision," new and evolving group therapy strategies, paradoxical vocal fold motion and treatment strategies for phono-trauma, and web and mobile apps relevant to speech language intervention.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"I love the treatment resource manual and have been using it for years. It is a practical guide with concrete ideas. The appendices is filled with useful charts/information."

— Carol Kaminski, M.A.-CCC, Speech/Language Pathologist, Adjunct Faculty, LaSalle University

"It covers all of the learning objectives for our clinical methods course and is an excellent resource for students to refer to during their stuides and when they begin their CF (clinical field) experience."

— Amy J. Hadley, Ed.D., CCC-SLP, Director, Health Sciences The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Froma P. Roth, Ph.D.

Froma P. Roth, Ph.D., is a professor in the department of hearing and speech sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park. She received her bachelor's degree from Hunter College, her master's degree from Queens College, and her doctoral degree from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Dr. Roth's current research interests focus on the relationship between oral language development and early reading and writing acquisition, phonological awareness intervention for preschool children with primary speech and language deficits, and language and literacy development in children with cochlear implants.

Colleen K. Worthington, M.S.

Colleen K. Worthington, M.S., is director of the speech-language clinic in the department of hearing and speech sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland and her master's degree from Loyola College, Baltimore. Her primary clinical and research interests include language development, phonology, and the supervisory process, including investigating the effectiveness of commercially available phonological awareness intervention programs.