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Principles of Operating Systems: Design and Applications, 1st Edition

  • Brian Stuart
  • ISBN-10: 1418837695  |  ISBN-13: 9781418837693
  • 600 Pages
  • © 2009 | Published
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Principles of Operating Systems: Design and Applications is an ideal resource for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of operating systems in the context of the applications in which they are used. The main focus of this text is to foster an understanding of operating system fundamentals: what types of services they provide, how various applications interface with them, and the restrictions they have on those applications. Making this book unique in its approach is the inclusion of a wide range of example systems and detailed case studies of the Linux and Inferno operating systems. By combining a traditional set of topics with this real-life contextual background, readers will achieve an enriched understanding of the material, which they can immediately apply to the world of operating systems.

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Features and Benefits

  • Rich illustrations provide clear, visual explanations of hard-to-grasp concepts
  • Selected code fragments from real systems are incorporated throughout the book, allowing readers to see first-hand how pieces fit together
  • Coverage of the wide variety of operating systems that goes beyond Windows and Linux, addressing the reality that there are many other valuable operating systems in existence
  • End-of-chapter exercises reinforce key concepts and provide the opportunity to apply what has been learned
  • PowerPoint slides and an Instructor’s Manual are available under Instructor Downloads on www.cengage.com

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Operating Systems
2. Some Example Operating Systems
3. Inferno Structure and Initialization
4. Linux Structure and Initialization
5. Principles of Process Management
6. Some Examples of Process Management
7. Process Management in Inferno
8. Process Management in Linux
9. Principles of Memory Management
10. Some Examples of Memory Management
11. Memory Management in Inferno
12. Memory Management in Linux
13. Principles of I/O Device Management
14. Some examples of I/O Device Management
15. I/O Devices in Inferno
16. I/O Devices in Linux
17. Principles of File Systems
18. Some Examples of File Systems
19. File Systems in Inferno
20. File Systems in Linux
21. Principles of Operating System Security
22. Principles of Distributed Systems
A. Compiling Hosted Inferno
B. Compiling Native Inferno
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Brian Stuart

Brian Stuart is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Memphis. Previously, he taught at Rhodes College and has worked in the telecommunications, automotive electronics and wireless telemetry industries. His consulting activities have ranged from medical instrumentation to agriculture. Dr. Stuart received his BS degree from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, his MS from the University of Notre Dame and his PhD from Purdue University.