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The Politics of International Economic Relations, 7th Edition

  • Joan E. Spero Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
  • Jeffrey A. Hart University of Indiana
  • ISBN-10: 0534602746  |  ISBN-13: 9780534602741
  • 528 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2003, 1997
  • © 2010 | Published
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THE POLITICS OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELATIONS is the first book to give students the breadth and depth of scholarship they need to truly understand the politics of today's world economy. The exciting new seventh edition has been completely updated to reflect the sweeping changes that continue to reshape the international arena. The new edition strengthens the text's contemporary coverage of political and economic relations, economic polarization in developing nations, and the roots of economic decline in centrally planned economies. An emphasis on the impact of globalization makes this definitive text ideal for use as a core text for the International Political Economy course or as a supplement in the International Relations course.

Features and Benefits

  • THE POLITICS OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELATIONS, Seventh Edition, draws from its renowned author team's vast experience in the political arena and in the classroom. Seasoned professors, both have also served in key government positions (Joan Spero served as undersecretary of state for economic, business, and agricultural affairs in the Clinton Administration). This combination of political and teaching expertise results in a text that delivers practical, cutting-edge coverage that gives students valuable insight into today's world economy.
  • The seventh edition of THE POLITICS OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELATIONS continues the text's trademark focus on the history of international economic regimes since World War II.

Table of Contents

1. From Management to Governance in International Economic Relations.
2. Governing the International Monetary System.
3. International Trade and Domestic Politics.
4. The Multinational Corporation and Global Governance.
5. The North-South System and the Possibility of Change.
6. Financial Flows to Developing Countries.
7. Trade and Development Strategies.
8. Multinational Corporations in the Third World.
9. Oil, Commodity Cartels, and Power.
10. The Transition to Capitalism in Formerly Communist Countries.
11. Conclusions: Globalization and Governance.

What's New

  • Completely updated, THE POLITICS OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC RELATIONS, Seventh Edition, delivers the most current coverage available, including new content on the rise of China and India and new discussions of the Doha Round.
  • A thorough discussion of the evolving nature of globalization and its impact on the world economy gives students valuable--and practical--insight into today's economy.
  • Expanded coverage of anti-globalization movements provides more complete treatment of this key topic.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"The book does a fantastic job of explaining the negotiations and subsequent institutions that emerged in the post 1945 era."

— Robert Denemark, University of Delaware

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Joan E. Spero

Joan E. Spero is President of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, which strives to improve the quality of people's lives through grants supporting performing arts, environmental conservation, medical research, and child maltreatment prevention as well as preservation of Doris Duke's properties. Renowned throughout the field of political science, Spero received her doctorate in political science from Columbia University, where she taught international politics and economics from 1973 to 1979. In 1980, she was named U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council by President Jimmy Carter. From 1981 to 1993, she served as an executive at the American Express Company, ultimately executive vice president for corporate affairs and communications. Dr. Spero's vast political experience also includes serving as undersecretary of state for economic, business, and agricultural affairs in the Clinton Administration.

Jeffrey A. Hart

Jeffrey A. Hart is Professor of Political Science at Indiana University, Bloomington, where he has taught international politics and international political economy since 1981. He taught at Princeton University from 1973 to 1980, served as a professional staff member of the President's Commission for a National Agenda for the Eighties from 1980-1981, and worked at the Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress as an internal contractor in 1985-1986. Dr. Hart received his doctorate in political science from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1975.