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College Reading and Study Strategies, 1st Edition

  • includes InfoTrac®
  • Dianna L. Van Blerkom University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown
  • Patricia I. Mulcahy-Ernt University of Bridgeport
  • ISBN-10: 0534584209  |  ISBN-13: 9780534584207
  • 480 Pages
  • © 2005 | Published
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COLLEGE READING AND STUDY STRATEGIES focuses on both reading and study skills. One half of the text focuses on skills and strategies that will help students be more successful in college. These range from motivation, time management, concentration, to test preparation and test-taking skills. The remainder of the text focuses on reading skills and strategies that will enable students to comprehend the material in their course textbooks and other reading materials. Reading and study skills can be taught using a strategic learning model. Students are introduced to various strategies, are shown that there are different ways to accomplish a task, are given an opportunity to practice them through numerous and varied chapter activities, and then are encouraged to use the strategies that work best for them. With a strong emphasis on self-evaluation (self-monitoring) and many real-life textbook and magazine excerpts integrated throughout the textbook, the book helps the student develop and identify the reading and writing strategies they need to employ to be successful in learning both inside and outside the classroom.

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Table of Contents

1. Getting Ready to Learn.
2. Managing Your Time.
3. Introduction to College Reading Strategies.
4. General Reading Strategies for College Textbooks.
5. Using Vocabulary Strategies.
6. Improving Concentration.
7. Improving Memory.
8. Taking Lecture Notes.
9. Taking Text Notes.
10. Preparing for Exams.
11. Taking Exams.
12. Comprehending Main Ideas.
13. Locating Specific Details.
14. Analyzing Key Points.
15. Summarizing and Synthesizing Texts.
16. Evaluating Information.

Efficacy and Outcomes


"In general, the information presented here is excellent. The authors have done a wonderful job completely covering every aspect of academic reading. I enjoyed reading the text and am in awe of the amount of work they have put into this project."

— Arden Hamer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"I found the text excerpts to be appropriate and useful."

— Terry Sheban, Youngstown State University

"It is truly a book aimed at increasing the college student’s reading skills, while developing the study skills."

— Martha Olsen, Oklahoma State University

"The reading selections were chosen with great care and give good practice on the topic being discussed."

— Martha Olsen, Oklahoma State University


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Dianna L. Van Blerkom

Dianna L. Van Blerkom is an experienced author and educator. She is an assistant professor in the Academic Support Center at the University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, and previously served as the director. She also has published numerous articles and textbooks, including COLLEGE STUDY SKILLS: BECOMING A STRATEGIC LEARNER, TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR LEARNING: A GUIDE TO COLLEGE SUCCESS, and COLLEGE READING AND STUDY STRATEGIES with co-author Patricia Mulcahy-Ernt.

Patricia I. Mulcahy-Ernt

Patricia Mulcahy-Ernt, Ph. D., has extensive experience in the field of literacy education. She is currently a Professor of Education in Reading and Language Arts as well as the Director of the Teacher Preparation Programs at the University of Bridgeport. She has taught at the college level for over twenty-five years, including courses in reading, rhetoric, and education. The focus of her research is on secondary-level and college-level strategies for comprehending texts. She is a national leader in the areas of literacy and developmental education. She received her Ph. D. from the University of Minnesota in Educational Psychology, specializing in the area of learning and cognition. She has an M. Ed. from Colorado State University in the areas of education, reading, English, journalism and speech, and a B. A. from the University of Rhode Island in English Education.