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Medical Terminology for Insurance and Coding, 1st Edition

  • Marie A. Moisio, MA, RHIA Northern Michigan University (Emerita)
  • ISBN-10: 1428304266  |  ISBN-13: 9781428304260
  • 400 Pages
  • © 2010 | Published
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Learn medical terminology side-by-side with insurance and coding principles using this unique book. Each chapter is organized by body system and includes a review of the structures and functions, as well as commonly identified diseases and procedures for that system. Whether you are learning these concepts for the first time or reviewing them in preparation for an exam, this book provides plenty of practice on both medical terminology and coding using real-world medical documents.

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Features and Benefits

  • Exercises use real-world documents to teach medical terms and coding concepts
  • Illustrations of human anatomy and procedures appear throughout
  • Includes examples to clarify coding concepts
  • Partial answer key included to allow for self-testing
  • Free trial CD of EncoderPro, the powerful coding solution from Ingenix

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Foundations of Medical Terminology.
Chapter 2. Introduction to ICD-9-CM Coding.
Chapter 3. Introduction to Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Coding.
Chapter 4. Integumentary System.
Chapter 5. Musculoskeletal System.
Chapter 6. Cardiovascular System.
Chapter 7. Blood and Lymph.
Chapter 8. Respiratory System.
Chapter 9. Digestive System.
Chapter 10. Endocrine System.
Chapter 11. Genitourinary System.
Chapter 12. Female Reproductive System.
Chapter 13. Nervous System.
Chapter 14. Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.
Chapter 15. Symptoms, Signs, and Ill-defined Conditions.
Appendix A. Word Element to Meaning.

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Bundle: 3,2,1 Code It!, 4th + The Paperless Medical Office: Using Harris CareTracker + Medical Terminology for Insurance and Coding + The Paperless Medical Office for Billers and Coders: Using Harris CareTracker

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  • The Paperless Medical Office: Using Harris Care Tracker
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  • The Paperless Medical Office for Billers and Coders: Using Harris CareTracker
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  • Medical Terminology for Insurance and Coding
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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Marie A. Moisio, MA, RHIA

Marie A. Moisio, M.A., RHIA, has 25 years of experience in health information management. In addition to teaching medical billing, medical coding and health information processing for more than 15 years, she served as director of health information departments in a 400-bed regional medical center and a 450-bed regional psychiatric treatment facility. Her professional experience also includes service as a consultant for several long-term care facilities and physician offices as well as positions in health information management, compliance, coding practices, insurance claim auditing and patient record documentation. Moisio has taught numerous workshops covering legal aspects of health information management and documentation. She is also the author of A GUIDE TO HEALTH INSURANCE BILLING and UNDERSTANDING LABORATORY & DIAGNOSTIC TESTS.