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La France contemporaine, 4th Edition

  • William Edmiston University of South Carolina
  • Annie Duménil University of South Carolina
  • ISBN-10: 1428231234  |  ISBN-13: 9781428231238
  • 336 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2005, 1997, 1993
  • © 2010 | Published
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LA FRANCE CONTEMPORAINE, 4th Edition, immerses students in the France of today, through timely, up-to-date information about the political, social, technological, economic and rich cultural forces that affect this fascinating country and its people. Students acquire valuable insights that improve their understanding of the Francophone world and consequently, their communication in French. The clear prose facilitates comprehension of the complex issues presented, while the engaging activities encourage critical thinking and stimulate discussion. With the addition of a fully integrated companion website, students are brought even closer to everything that makes France French.

Features and Benefits

  • The selection of topics includes information on the structure of political and social systems at work in France today, as well as aspects of everyday life, economics, and technology, for a full picture of French society.
  • The clear, comprehensible prose allows students to focus on the content of each chapter, and end-of-chapter comprehension and discussion activities are helpful to both teachers and students.
  • The organization of LA FRANCE CONTEMPORAINE, 4E, carefully connects the geographic, economic, and sociopolitical forces operating in France to those at work within the European Union, giving students a geopolitical frame of reference for their study of modern-day France.
  • The Book Companion Website features self-correcting chapter quizzes, chapter-specific cultural expansion activities (Vos recherches sur Internet), and a searchable chronology. For instructors, password-protected answers to end-of-chapter activities (Contrôle des connaissances) as well as suggestions for further reading are provided.
  • The introductory chapter, "La France et les Etats-Unis," contextualizes life in modern France by describing the country's relations with the United States, Europe, and the world.

Table of Contents

Repères chronologiques Histoire ancienne Histoire moderne Les Années Mitterrand Les Années Chirac Le Début des années Sarkozy.
Introduction: La France et les Etats-Unis.
1. La France physique.
2. Paris.
3. Les Régions et les provinces.
4. Les Langues de France.
5. L'Union européenne.
6. La République française.
7. L'Etat.
8. Les Partis politiques et les élections.
9. La Famille.
10. Le Travail et le temps libre.
11. La Protection sociale.
12. Les Religions.
13. L'Immigration.
14. L'Éducation.
15. Les Médias.
16. La Technologie et le commerce.
Liste des sigles.

What's New

  • The text has been thoroughly updated with coverage of recent events affecting the Francophone world. Coverage includes thoughtful consideration of the social, economic, and political difficulties as well as possibilities in contemporary France.
  • New cultural information has been added and topics now include information on French lifestyle and hobbies, French cinema, and the arts and their role in contemporary French society.
  • The student companion website has been updated to be completely student accessible and user friendly.
  • A photo gallery (Gallerie de photos) features full-color photos that prompt students to use the images as a starting point for discussion and analysis of aspects of contemporary French culture.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

William Edmiston

Dr. Edmiston, now retired, is a specialist in eighteenth-century French literature. He has published books on Diderot, the French novel, and Sade. For 32 years, he taught an advanced undergraduate/graduate course on contemporary France.

Annie Duménil

Dr. Duménil is a retired professor of French linguistics (phonetics and phonology). She has published articles on French phonology, authored a French phonetics textbook, and coauthored two other textbooks.