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Nail Structure and Product Chemistry, 2nd Edition

  • Douglas Schoon
  • ISBN-10: 140186709X  |  ISBN-13: 9781401867096
  • 336 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1996
  • © 2005 | Published
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Nail Structure & Chemistry, 2E is a unique text that explores the artificial and natural nail in an interesting and easy-to-understand manner. The only book of its kind available, it brings together authoritative information from diverse fields including dermatology; toxicology; anatomy and physiology; chemistry; physics; and materials science to provide the reader with a deeper understanding of nails. The information covers a wide range of topics including the growth and structure of the natural nail; normal versus abnormal natural nails, nail disorders; the chemistry of artificial nail products, nail polishes, and treatments; the use of electric files; understanding and avoiding skin allergies; improving ventilation; and much, much more. Authored by a leading research scientist in this field, the text serves as an informational guide for anyone interested in learning more about how and why professional nail products work; how to troubleshoot, understand and solve most common salon problems; why products sometimes don't work and how to avoid these problems; how to give clients trouble-free nails/services, and more. Updated to include discussions of new products, services, problems, and misunderstandings in the field, and filled with four-color photographs that illustrate key concepts, this easy-to-read book provides answers to many questions regarding the science and technology of nails.

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Features and Benefits

  • Contains an in-depth study of the natural nail, its various parts, and how they function together
  • Explains how and why professional nail products work
  • Teaches how to troubleshoot, understand and solve most common salon problems
  • Explains why products sometimes don't work and shows nail technicians how to avoid common problems and give clients trouble-free nails/services
  • Shows nail technicians how to avoid product-related skin allergies
  • Acts as an authoritative guide that identifies misinformation and replaces it with the facts
  • Presents technical information in a simple, easy-to-understand manner with real-world examples

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Fingernail Anatomy
Chapter 2: Nail Unit Growth and Function
Chapter 3: Understanding The Hand
Chapter 4: Tramua and Damage
Chapter 5: The Abnormal Nail
Chapter 6: The Principles of Nail Product Chemistry
Chapter 7: Adhesives and Adhesion
Chapter 8: Product Chemistry Essentials
Chapter 9: Liquid and Powder Product Chemistry
Chapter 10: UV Gel and Wrap Chemistry
Chapter 11: The Safe Salon
Chapter 12: The Healthy Salon
Chapter 13: Sanitation and Disinfection: The New Reality
Chapter 14: Every Breath You Take
Chapter 15: Clearing the Air
Chapter 16: Nails Around the World
Chapter 17: Special Topics

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Douglas Schoon

Douglas D. Schoon has an MS in Chemistry and is currently the Vice President of Science & Technology at Creative Nail Design. Mr. Schoon is a frequent speaker at national beauty shows and conventions and has taught many workshops on nail structure and chemistry.