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Terrorism and Homeland Security: Current Perspectives from InfoTrac®, 3rd Edition

  • Michael Fischer Norfolk State University
  • ISBN-10: 0495832219  |  ISBN-13: 9780495832218
  • 144 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2007, 2006
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These readers, designed to give you a deeper taste of special topics in criminal justice, include free access to InfoTrac® College Edition. The timely articles are selected by experts in each topic from within InfoTrac College Edition.

Table of Contents

I. Topic One: Terrorist threat: How clear and present is it?
1. "Terrorism "; why the definition must be broad. (Forum on Terrorism) (2007, Spring). World Policy Journal, spring 2007, v24 i1 p47 (4).
2. Terrorism: What is it and can it ever be morally justified?, by Caleb Carr, (2004, June-July), by Igor Primoratz, Arena Magazine, i71 p27 (4).
3. The Al Qaeda weapons race continues: Osama Bin Laden''s infamous ''sorcerer'', Midhat Mursi Al Sayyid Umar, comes back from the dead and rekindles new fears that jihadists are pursuing chemical, biological, and radiological weapons. (Current Affairs), by Ed Blance, the Middle East, May 2008 389 p.6 (5).
4. The war on what? (War on Terrorism) by Nicholas Lemann, (Sept 16. 2002). V 78, i27, pNA
5. Where the terrorism threat from Al Qaeda is headed: The deadly assault in Mumbai was a chilling reminder of just how effective low-tech attacks can be, by Alex Kingsbury, (2009), US News and World Report Jan 12 2009, pNA
6. State and state-sponsored terrorism in Africa: The case of Libya and Sudan, by Lyle Pienaar, Strategic Review of South Africa, May 2008.
II. Topic Two: The Mind of a Terrorist
7. The logic of suicide terrorism, by Bruce Hoffman (2003), The Atlantic, June 2003, v291 i5 p40(8)
8 .The mind of a terrorist: How terrorists see strategy and morality by Ernest Evans, World Affairs, Spring 2005, v167 i(4) p175(5)
9. A change of scenery for John Updike: Novelist leaves his suburban turf to inhabit the mind of a terrorist. (2006). Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Sept 13, 2006, p NA
10. A fanatical mind: The novelist and the terrorist, by Robert Boyers, Harpers Magazine, July 2006, v313, i1874 p89 (5).
11. Psychology''s Black Hole: The mind of a terrorist, Week in Review desk by Mark Glassman, The New York times, July 18, 2004, p WK4(L)
III.Topic Three: Stopping Terrorism
12. Intensified effort to implement counter-terrorism strategy fundamental duty, says Secretary General, as General Assembly meets to assess progress: Global Action plan adopted 8 September 2006; president says review meeting chance to share best practices, build cooperation. M2 Presswire, Sept 5, 2008, NA.
13. Preventing Nuclear Terrorism Worldwide, January 22, 2008, by Yury Zaitsev, Knight Ridder Tribune, p NA.
14. The Global War on Terror: What has been learned, by Douglas MacGregor, Marvin Weinbaum, Abdullan Ansary and Robper Papge (2008) Middle East Policy, Winter 2008, v15, i4, p1 (25)
15. Disrupting Terrorist networks: the new US and international regime for stopping terrorist finding (Executive order 13,224), by Joseph M. Myers, Law and Policy in International Business, Fall 2002 v34 i1 p17(7)
16. Fighting terrorist funding calls for new tactics, by Bill Isaac, May 3, 2005 American Banker, v170, k84, p 2a
IV. Topic Four: The Cost of Terrorism
17. Secretary-General, opening symposium on victims of terrorism, urges governments to draw upon their courage, strength in implementing counter-measures; unprecedented gathering hears from survivors of attacks worldwide. (2008). M2 Presswire, Sept 10, 2009, p NA
18. Chemical Biological Terrorism and its impact on children, Pediatrics, Sept 2006, v 118 i3, p1267 (12).
19. Terrorism costs on the global economy, by Alan Cowell, the New York Times, Nov 9, 2003, pBU5 (L) col 01 (23 col in).
20. How terrorism affects ordinary lives, by Vikram Doctor (2008, Dec 15. The Economic Times, p. NA
V. Topic Five: Civil Liberties post 9/11
21. The war comes back home: Can Attorney General John Ashcroft fight terrorism on our shores without injuring our freedoms? By Richard lacayo, Time, May 12, 2003, v161, k19, p30+.
22. Bush drive for tougher terror laws picks up: Critics worry measure will weaken civil liberties. By Julie Hirschfield David, The Baltimore Sun August 19, 2006, p A
23. Battle over wiretaps to begin today, by David Ashenfelter, June 12, 2006, pNA, Detroit Free Press
24. Patriot Act reauthorized with few changes: A LA Civil liberties group voices concern of law''s weak privacy protections. By Laura B Weiss, School Library Journal, April 2006, v52 i4, p. 19(1).
25. Obama''s turn to make terror rules: from wiretaps to Gitmo, he faces pressure to overhaul Bush framework without sacrificing gains made in the name of security. Chicago Tribune, Nov 20 2008, pNA

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Michael Fischer

Michael Fischer teaches a variety of Criminal Justice and Sociology courses at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA.