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SELL, 3rd Edition

  • includes CourseMate Printed Access Card
  • Thomas N. Ingram Colorado State University
  • Raymond W. LaForge University of Louisville
  • Ramon A. Avila Ball State University
  • Charles H. Schwepker University of Central Missouri
  • Michael R. Williams Oklahoma City University
  • ISBN-10: 113318832X  |  ISBN-13: 9781133188322
  • 304 Pages
  • © 2013 | Published
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Created through a "student-tested, faculty-approved" review process with over 200 students and faculty, SELL 3 is an engaging and accessible solution to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of today's learners at a value-based price. SELL 3 employs a comprehensive coverage of contemporary professional selling in an interesting and challenging manner. Including relational consultative selling, the text is organized on a more contemporary relationship-selling process that the author team has tested in, and developed for, major selling organizations.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • Making Professional Selling Decisions. Each chapter concludes with one case and two role play activities. Both, cases and role plays are designed to allow students make professional selling decisions applying the set of skills learned in this course. These cases and role plays are based on real-life scenarios and illustrate various selling situations.
  • The trust-based sales philosophy is the key foundation of this text. This model covers interesting topics such as intense price competition, establishing collaborative dialogues based on the buyer's situation and needs, creating value and developing long-term relationships, strengthening sales call introductions, among others, under an ethical umbrella and trust-based philosophy.
  • Video package. The video package was developed specifically for this text and provides illustrative role-plays for students and faculty to use. The videos illustrate techniques and selling styles of two individuals competing for the same account.
  • Role-Plays, Cases, and Continuing Cases. Based on real-life scenarios of salespeople, Role-Plays, Cases and Continuing Case build and enhance students' critical thinking and mastery of selling concepts through hands-on practical activities. Role-Plays and Cases are located at the end of chapter and the Continuing Cases are located at the end of book.
  • Interactive online materials. Online learning material compliment and reinforce the text while accommodating the many different learning styles of students. Online materials include experiential exercises for each chapter along with additional real-life cases and role-plays. Also available are videos illustrating the different skills and activities covered in the text, interactive quizzing, key term crossword puzzles, flash cards, and more.
  • Sales Management and Sales 2.0. Chapter 11 addresses Sales Management and Sales 2.0 and transports students beyond the concepts, knowledge, and skills for practicing trust-based, consultative selling to provide a well rounded overview of Professional Selling as a career. The comprehensive overview of sales management processes and activities facilitates students' understanding of- and ability to work with their sales supervisors and managers while also preparing the students for their own career advancement into sales management positions. The Sales 2.0 coverage reflects the very latest developments in sales technology and provides students with the familiarity and understanding necessary to put leading-edge technology to work in the field to better maximize sales performance.
  • All of the content and resources you expect with a supplements package that is second to none including PowerPoint for Instructors and Students, Instructors Manual, Test Bank, E-Lectures, Videos and more.

Table of Contents

1. Overview of Personal Selling.
2. Building the Trust and Sales Ethics.
3. Understanding Buyers.
4. Communication Skills.
5. Strategic Prospecting and Preparing for Sales Dialog.
6. Planning Sales Dialog and Presentations.
7. Sales Dialog: Creating and Communicating Value.
8. Addressing Concerns and Earning Commitment.
9. Expanding Customer Relationships.
10. Adding Value: Self-Leadership and Teamwork.
11. Sales Management and Sales 2.0.

What's New

  • Extended coverage on Closing and Business to Consumer selling.
  • New Appendix on Professional Selling career opportunities and the value of selling skills the non Professional Selling career.
  • New Role Plays and Cases.
  • Ethical Dilemma boxes are now online too! Now students can see what other students are thinking about these Ethical Dilemmas.
  • Professional Selling in the 21st Century boxed feature has been updated to reflect the current trends, techniques, and best practices in the Professional Selling world.
  • New opening vignettes have been introduced to some of the chapters to reflect current changes in the Professional Selling industry.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"They (students) like the magazine approach and how it is laid out along with the price. It is an easy read according to one student and they seem to retain more information."

— Gary Donnelly, Casper College

"I have made the decision to adopt this text for my Fall, 2011 class. The reasons are as follows: 1) the information is comprehensive and applicable to today's market environment. I feel the students will benefit from the materials, and be able to apply the knowledge to their select professions. 2) the visual layout of the text is attractive and is presented in a way that encourages greater curiosity of the subject matter. In honesty, too many textbooks, while rich in context, is often dry in presentation losing the readers' attention. This textbook does an effective job of relaying the necessary information while keeping the reader's attention, and 3) I like the book's Case and Role Play scenarios. These exercises allow the student to flex their skills and knowledge on the chapter's contents, giving them a deeper understanding of the issues."

— Sommai Zirkel, Madison College


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Thomas N. Ingram

Thomas N. Ingram (Ph.D., Georgia State University) is professor of marketing and FirstBank Professor of Business Administrations at Colorado State University. Before commencing his academic career, he worked in sales, product management, and sales management with Exxon and Mobil. Tom is a recipient of the Marketing Educator of the Year award given by Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI). He was honored as the first recipient of the Mu Kappa Tau National Marketing Honor Society recognition award for Outstanding Scholarly Contributions to the Sales Discipline. The University Sales Center Alliance has designated Professor Ingram as a Distinguished Sales Educator for his long-term contributions to sales education. Tom has served as the editor of the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, chair of the SMEI Accreditation Institute, and as a member of the Board of Directors of SMEI. He is the former editor of the JOURNAL OF MARKETING THEORY & PRACTICE. Tom’s primary research is in personal selling and sales management. His work has appeared in the JOURNAL OF MARKETING, JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH, JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SELLING & SALES MANAGEMENT, and the JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE, among others. He is the coauthor of one of the ’’Ten Most Influential Articles of the 20th Century’’ as designated by the Sales and Sales Management Special Interest Group of the American Marketing Association.

Raymond W. LaForge

Raymond W. (Buddy) LaForge is the Brown-Forman Professor of Marketing at the University of Louisville. He is the founding Executive Editor of the Marketing Education Review; has co-authored Marketing: Principles & Perspectives (5e), Sales Management: Analysis and Decision Making (7e), Professional Selling: A Trust-Based Approach (5e), The Professional Selling Skills Workbook, Strategic Sales Leadership: and BREAKthrough Thinking for BREAKthrough Results. His research is published in many journals including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Decision Sciences, and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Buddy has served on the board of many organizations, including as Vice President/Marketing for the Academy of Business Education; Vice President of Marketing, Teaching, and Conferences for the American Marketing Association Academic Council; and as Chair and Vice Chair for Awards and Recognition for the American Marketing Association Sales Interest Group. Buddy received the Outstanding Sales Scholar Award from Mu Kappa Tau at the National Conference in Sales Management and a Special Recognition Award from the American Marketing Association Sales Interest Group in 2005. He was selected as one of the Top Thirteen Faculty Favorites at the University of Louisville and received a Distinguished Scholar Award from the Research Symposium on Marketing and Entrepreneurship in 2006; the Distinguished Sales Educator Award from the University Sales Center Alliance and the Undergraduate Teaching Award from the College of Business in 2007; and the Outstanding Faculty Award from Beta Alpha Psi and a Faculty Favorite Award from the REACH Ambassadors in 2008. The Sales Program at the University of Louisville has been selected as a Top University Sales Education Program by the University Sales Education Foundation from 2007-2009.

Ramon A. Avila

Ramon A. Avila (Ph.D., Virginia Tech University) is the George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Ball State University. Before coming to Ball State, he worked in sales with the Burroughs Corporation. He has held two visiting professorships at the University of Hawaii and another at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Dr. Avila was awarded the 2009 University Sales Center Alliance Distinguished Sales Educator. In 2003, Avila earned Ball State’s Outstanding Faculty Award. In April 2002, he received a Leavey Award. This award was given for innovation in the classroom with his advanced selling class. Avila was presented the 1999 Mu Kappa Tau’s Outstanding Contributor to the Sales Profession. He is only the third recipient of this award. He has also received the University’s Outstanding Service award, the University’s Outstanding Junior Faculty award, the College of Business Professor of the Year, and the Dean’s Teaching award every year since its inception in 1987. Avila also sits on five editorial review boards. His primary research is in personal selling and sales management. His work has appeared in the JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH, JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SELLING & SALES MANAGEMENT, THE JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT, THE MARKETING MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, and the JOURNAL OF MARKETING THEORY & PRACTICE, among others. He is the coauthor of THE PROFESSIONAL SELLING SKILLS WORKBOOK and SALES MANAGEMENT: ANALYSIS AND DECISION MAKING.

Charles H. Schwepker

Charles H. Schwepker, Jr. (Ph.D., University of Memphis), is the Mike and Patti Davidson Distinguished Marketing Professor at the University of Central Missouri. He has experience in wholesale and retail sales. His primary research interests are in sales management, personal selling, and marketing ethics. Dr. Schwepker's articles have been published in the JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY AND MARKETING, JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SELLING & SALES MANAGEMENT, JOURNAL OF SERVICE RESEARCH, and JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, among other journals; various national and regional proceedings; and books, including MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS CLASSICS and ENVIRONMENTAL MARKETING. He has received several honors for both teaching and advising, including the Hormel Teaching Excellence award and the Alumni Foundation Harmon College of Business Administration Distinguished Professor Award. Dr. Schwepker received the James Comer Award for best contribution to selling and sales management theory awarded by the JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SELLING & SALES MANAGEMENT and two "Outstanding Paper" awards at the National Conference in Sales Management, among others. He is on the editorial review boards of the JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SELLING & SALES MANAGEMENT, JOURNAL OF MARKETING THEORY & PRACTICE, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL MARKETING, JOURNAL OF RELATIONSHIP MARKETING, JOURNAL OF SELLING AND MAJOR ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, and SOUTHERN BUSINESS REVIEW, and has four times won awards for outstanding reviewer. Dr. Schwepker is a coauthor of SALES MANAGEMENT: ANALYSIS AND DECISION MAKING.

Michael R. Williams

Michael R. Williams (Ph.D., Oklahoma State University) is professor of marketing and director of the Academy of Customer Excellence and Sales at Oklahoma City University. Prior to his academic career, Williams established a successful 30-plus year career in industrial sales, market research, and sales management and continues to consult and work with a wide range of business organizations. He has coauthored THE PROFESSIONAL SELLING SKILLS WORKBOOK, SALES MANAGEMENT: ANALYSIS AND DECISION MAKING, and a variety of executive monographs and white-papers on sales performance topics. Williams’s research has been published in many different national and international journals, including the JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SELLING & SALES MANAGEMENT, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PURCHASING AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL MARKETING, QUALITY MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, and JOURNAL OF BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS MARKETING. His work has also received numerous honors, including Outstanding Article for the Year in Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, the AACSB’s Leadership in Innovative Business Education Award, and the Marketing Science Institute’s Alden G. Clayton Competition. In 2004, Williams was honored with the Mu Kappa Tau Marketing Society recognition award for Outstanding Scholarly Contributor to the Sales Discipline. He has also been honored with numerous university, college, and corporate teaching and research awards, including Old Republic Research Scholar, the presentation of a seminar at Oxford’s Braesnose College, Who’s Who in American Education, and Who’s Who in America. Williams has and continues to serve in leadership roles as an advisor and board member for sales and sales management associations and organizations, including the University Sales Center Alliance, National Conference in Sales and Sales Management, and Vector Marketing.