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Medical Office Procedures with Medical Pegboard, 5th Edition

  • includes Pegboard, Forms and Medical Office Simulation Software 2.0
  • Eleanor K. Flores Lincoln College of New England
  • ISBN-10: 1111644268  |  ISBN-13: 9781111644260
  • 240 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2000, 1996, 1992
  • © 2013 | Published
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Bridging the gap between the fundamental skills the pegboard system can provide and advances in practice management software, MEDICAL OFFICE PROCEDURES WITH MEDICAL PEGBOARD, 5E equips students with hands-on learning in the financial activities and events that occur in the medical office. This proven approach ensures students are well prepared for real-world practice when they leave the classroom. Expanded and completely up-to-date, it includes the latest advances in key procedures and thoroughly integrates the pegboard into today's medical office environment. It also offers a vibrant new four-color format. In its signature approach--popular with students and instructors alike--the simulation rovides hands-on experience with the pegboard system first, laying a solid foundation for learning a computerized bookkeeping practices. Using both the pegboard and Medical Office Simulation Software (MOSS) enhances a student's ability to seamlessly switch between manual and computerized financial procedures--depending on the current office conditions and needs. The Fifth Edition includes all materials needed to complete the simulation, including a portable student pegboard, MOSS, and all required forms.

Features and Benefits

  • A complete simulation that includes hands-on learning in basic bookkeeping procedures, how a medical office is run, and how a new patient is handled from start to finish.
  • The unique pegboard approach provides a foundational experience that helps students better understand computerized bookkeeping practices.
  • The Jobs include a range of experiences in accounts receivable, accounts payable, check writing, petty cash, and insurance claim form completion.
  • The package includes all equipment and supplies required to complete the simulation, including a pegboard, Medical Office Simulation Software (MOSS), a reference manual, appointment sheets, checks, receipts, charge slips/superbills, insurance forms, statements, and patient ledger cards.

Table of Contents

Procedure 1: Communications in a Medical Facility.
Procedure 2: Scheduling.
Procedure 3: Office Work Sheets.
Procedure 4: Patient Registration Sheet.
Procedure 5: Bookkeeping Systems.
Procedure 6: Pegboard System.
Procedure 7: Recording Entries in the Pegboard System.
Procedure 8: Totaling the Day Sheet.
Procedure 9: Preparing the Deposit.
Procedure 10: Completing the Check Register.
Procedure 11: Preparing Payroll Checks.
Procedure 12: Insurance Coverage.
Procedure 13: Insurance Coding.
Procedure 14: Preparing Insurance Claim Forms.
Section II: JOBS.
Monday, March 4: Jobs 1-1 through 1-20.
Tuesday, March 5: Jobs 2-1 through 2-22.
Wednesday, March 6: Jobs 3-1 through 3-21.
Thursday, March 7: Jobs 4-1 through 4-19.
Friday, March 8: Jobs 5-1 through 5-22.
Job 1: Setting up the Matrix.
Job 2: Patient Registration.
Job 3: HIPAA Privacy Practices.
Job 4: Patient Check-In.
Job 5: Scheduling Appointments.
Job 6: Posting Charges.
Job 7: Posting Payments and Adjustments.
Job 8: No-Show and Cancellation Procedures.
Daily Work Sheets.

What's New

  • Section Three features all-new computerized case studies using practice management software illustrates the transition from a manual system into a computer system. This section uses the same patient case studies from the pegboard section, showing the similarities between the two systems.
  • A new four-color format better illustrates the forms and appeals to today's visual learners. A new spiral binding also makes it more practical for students when performing jobs.
  • Provides more hands-on experience posting all types of charges and payments, managing a petty cash fund, writing checks, and keeping track of expenditures.
  • Expanded information about insurance and coding concepts, including ICD-10, the latest CMS-1500 form, and a more comprehensive insurance vocabulary glossary.
  • More information about the rules and regulations of HIPAA and how to protect a patient's privacy.
  • Additional explanations and exercises with payroll preparation are based on individual states withholding allowances and deductions.
  • Expanded coverage of front office skills includes message-taking, handling written correspondence, e-mails, and faxes.
  • A Premium Website features PDFs of commonly used office forms, enabling students to print on demand as many copies as needed to practice on their own and sharpen their skills.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Eleanor K. Flores

Eleanor K. Flores, RN, BSN, MEd, is an associate professor in the School of Allied Health and program chair for the Medical Assisting Programs at the Lincoln College of New England in Southington, Connecticut. Her professional affiliations include membership in the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and the Connecticut Society of Medical Assistants (CSMA), for which she served on the board of directors. She received her RN diploma from Waterbury Hospital, Waterbury, Connecticut, her BSN from Bridgeport University, and her MEd in administrative secondary education from the University of Hartford.