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Learning Object-Oriented Programming in C# 5.0, 1st Edition

  • B. M. Harwani
  • ISBN-10: 128585456X  |  ISBN-13: 9781285854564
  • 592 Pages
  • © 2015 | Published
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LEARNING OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN C# 5.0 is a uniquely practical, hands-on guide to the powerful features of C# 5.0, one of the most common, general-purpose object-oriented programming languages in use today. The examples and projects in this book progress from easy to advanced, covering the principles and benefits of object-oriented programming for developing real-world applications. With the expert guidance of programmer, author, and teacher B.M. Harwani, you will explore: object-oriented programming fundamentals; advanced class features such as generics and operator overloading; web services, LINQ, multiple threading, and security features; .NET features, including assemblies, interfaces, delegates, events; web application development, and ADO.NET; and much more. Expand your programming skills today with LEARNING OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN C# 5.0, a refreshingly helpful guide to developing with C#.

Features and Benefits

  • Explores the principles and benefits of object-oriented programming.
  • Covers in-depth OOP fundamentals, advanced class features, Web Services, multiple threading, security features, and more.
  • Offers complete coverage of .NET features.

Table of Contents

1. The .NET Framework.
2. Data Types.
3. Operators and Expressions.
4. Decision-Making and Looping.
5. Arrays and Strings.
6. Methods and Structures.
7. Classes and Objects.
8. Inheritance and Polymorphism.
9. Interfaces.
10. Operator Overloading.
11. Delegates and Events.
12. Generics and Collections.
13. Managing Errors and Exceptions.
14. Threads.
15. Streams.
16. ADO.NET.
17. LINQ Queries.
18. Web-Based Application Development in .NET.
19. .NET Assemblies.


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

B. M. Harwani

B. M. Harwani is the founder and owner of Microchip Computer Education (MCE), based in Ajmer, India, which provides computer education in all programming and web-development platforms. He has more than 20 years’ experience teaching programming concepts and has written many books on topics related to programming and development, including JSP, JSF, EJB, PHP, .NET, Joomla, jQuery, WordPress, and smartphones. To learn more, visit his blog, http://bmharwani.com/blog.