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HVAC Math iPad Application, 5th Edition

  • Russell B. DeVore
  • ISBN-10: 113328261X  |  ISBN-13: 9781133282617
  • © 2012 | Published
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Available from the iTunesĀ® store, the HVAC Math App contains twelve HVAC applied math practice tests, one for each unit. Students will receive immediate test results and rationale, can view their results, and can retake tests multiple times. The App also includes a glossary of terms and flashcards for study. The unique "Question of the Day" feature provides a single test question each day linked to a unit for further exploration.

Features and Benefits

  • Students receive instant feedback.
  • "Question of the Day" feature provides a single test question each day linked to a chapter for further exploration.
  • One practice test per chapter that can be taken multiple times.
  • Glossary and Flashcards for easy review of important terms.

Table of Contents

1. Whole Numbers.
2. Common Fractions.
3. Decimal Fractions.
4. Ratio and Proportion.
5. Percent, Percentage and Discount.
6. Direct Measure.
7. Computed Measure.
8. Formulas.
9. Stretchouts and Lengths of Arcs.
10. Trigonometry.
11. Graphs.
12. Bills.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Russell B. DeVore

Russell B. DeVore [retired] was a Shift Technical Advisor and Simulator Instructor at the training center of a nuclear power plant for the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company. He is former Chair of the Arts & Sciences Division at Trident Technical College, and a former physics teacher at Bloomsburg University. Currently, he teaches on campus at a community college and online at a four-year state college. Dr. DeVore has worked in the energy and education fields for many years, contributing both academic and practical expertise to this book. He is also the author of PRACTICAL PROBLEMS IN MATHEMATICS FOR HEATING AND COOLING TECHNICIANS.