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Introductory Astronomy Exercises, 2nd Edition

  • Dale C. Ferguson Baldwin-Wallace College
  • ISBN-10: 053437977X  |  ISBN-13: 9780534379773
  • 336 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1990
  • © 2001 | Published
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Ferguson's flexible and useful INTRODUCTORY ASTRONOMY EXERCISES, Second Edition, provides professors and students with laboratory exercises that are well-tested, current, and flexible to individual course needs. These labs have a variety of origins and authors, and bring a broad range of activity to the introductory astronomy lab. Most require only inexpensive equipment. INTRODUCTORY ASTRONOMY EXERCISES, Second Edition, gives students practical experience with the things they only read about in their book, such as using a telescope and CCD photography. Ferguson groups the exercises together by whether they deal with the solar system or stars and other objects beyond the solar system. Three introductory exercises on using telescopes, viewing constellations and the Celestial Sphere, and using numbers in science set the stage and help readers overcome anxiety. A combination of indoor and outdoor labs allows for adjustments due to weather conditions. A chart that cross-references exercises in this manual to relevant chapters in Brooks/Cole astronomy books adds to the book's flexibility, and help the instructor reinforce selected topics.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Astronomical Telescopes
2. Constellations and the Celestial Sphere
3. Introduction to Experimental Measurements
4. Interplanetary Travel
5. The Seasons
6. The Temperature of the Earth
7. Astronomical Systems of Time
8. Observing with the Telescope, Part I: Locating Celestial Objects
9. Optics in Astronomy
10. Observing with the Telescope, Part II: The Limitations of the Telescope
11. The Moon
12. Observing with the Telescope, Part III: Visual Observations of the Moon
13. The Planets, Part I: Analysis of Observations
14. The Planets, Part II: Observations with the Telescope
15. Observing with the Telescope, Part IV: Visual Observations of the Sun
16. Measurement of Astronomical Distances
17. Kepler's Third Law and Masses in Astronomy
18. Photoelectric Photometry
19. Spectroscopy in Astronomy
20. Spectral Classification
21. The Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
22. Telescopic Observing with Equatorial Mounting, Clock Drive, Setting Circles, and Slow Motion Controls
23. Pulsars
24. Galactic Spiral Structure
25. Astronomical Image Processing
26. CCD Photography at the Telescope
27. Classification of Galaxies
28. Radial Velocities and the Hubble Law
Appendix A: Fall Observing List / Appendix B: Finding List for October Celestial Objects / Appendix C: Spring Observing List / Appendix D: Field Observing in March / Appendix E: Aligning a Telescope Axis