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Sentence Essentials: A Grammar Guide, 1st Edition

  • Linda Wong
  • ISBN-10: 0618000364  |  ISBN-13: 9780618000364
  • 416 Pages
  • © 2002 | Published
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In this worktext, Wong ensures that students focus on their grammar and sentence-writing skills by offering clear, step-by-step instruction reinforced through numerous examples and abundant exercises for individual, partner, or group practice. Each topic is clearly defined without overwhelming details, sophisticated rules, or lengthy explanations.

Table of Contents

Note: Chapters 2-10 conclude with Exercises, a Chapter Summary, Writing Topics, Web Site Learning Experiences, and a Review.
1. An Introduction to the Writing Process
Benefits of a Strong Grammar Foundation
Steps in the Writing Process
Writing Paragraphs
Key Elements of Paragraph Structure
Getting Started
Web Site Learning Experiences
2. Nouns
Additional Noun Markers
Rules of Capitalization: People
Rules of Capitalization: Places
Rules of Capitalization: Things
Rules of Capitalization: Literary Works and Academic Courses
Two or More Words That Function as One Noun
Comma Sense
3. Prepositions
Pronouns as Objects of the Preposition
Prepositions with Two or More Objects
To as a Preposition or as a Part of an Infinitive
Comma Sense
4. Subjects and Verbs in Simple Sentences
Subjects in Simple Sentences
Verbs in Simple Sentences
Avoiding Fragments
Placement of Nouns in Sentences
Other Subject-Verb Patterns in Simple Sentences
Comma Sense
5. Verb Forms
Simple Verb Tenses
Present and Past Participles
Additional Verb Phrases
Comma Sense
6. Pronouns and Pronoun Agreement
Four Kinds of Personal Pronouns
Indefinite Pronouns
Compound Subjects with Either... Or, or Neither... Nor
Comma Sense
7. Modifiers
Adjective Patterns
Comma Sense
Comma Sense
8. Compound Sentences
Three Methods of Constructing Compound Sentences
Comma Sense
Run-on Sentence and Comma Splice Errors
Subject-Verb Agreement in Compound Sentences
9. Complex Sentences
Type 1 Dependent Clause: Adverb Clause with a Subordinate Conjunction
Comma Sense
Type 2 Dependent Clause: Adjective Clause with a Relative Pronoun
Comma Sense
Type 3 Dependent Clause: Noun Clause
Avoiding Fragments
10. Sentence Builders
Combining Sentences Using Appositives
Participial Phrases
Series of Items
Comma Sense
Sentence Variety
Compound-Complex Sentences
Appendix A. Punctuation Guide
Appendix B. Student Answer Key


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Linda Wong

After receiving her MEd in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Oregon in 1970, Linda Wong started her teaching career in the Springfield School District in Oregon. After six years, Linda left the classroom to start an educational consulting business, which included self-publishing classroom activity books, teaching adjunct courses in the Northwest, and operating a school supply store. In 1983, she returned to the classroom to begin a 22-year teaching career in the Academic Learning Skills Department at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. At Lane, Linda taught developmental education and college study skills courses and actively participated in curriculum development projects, the Women's Transition Program, programs for students with learning disabilities, and the campus Diversity Team. Linda retired and relocated to Las Vegas in 2001 where she explored teaching in a temporary position at a charter school, providing private tutoring for a family of five, and writing training video scripts for online business courses. Linda has continued her involvement in education as an educational consultant, a presenter at national conferences, and an author of several textbooks. After several years of freelancing as a writer of magazine articles and a reviewer for several college textbook publishers, Linda began her career as a textbook writer in 1994 with the first edition of ESSENTIAL STUDY SKILLS. She continues authoring textbooks and exploring other avenues of writing. Linda has one son, Kailee, and four beautiful grandchildren.