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Introduction to ABAP Programming for SAP, 3rd Edition, 3rd Edition

  • Gareth M. De Bruyn
  • Robert Lyfareff
  • ISBN-10: 1305266471  |  ISBN-13: 9781305266476
  • 544 Pages
  • © 2015 | Published
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In this thoroughly updated third edition of INTRODUCTION TO ABAP PROGRAMMING FOR SAP, you’ll find real-world examples that will help you master ABAP, the main language used for building solid-state business applications in the SAP runtime environment. This book contains a learn-by-doing tutorial with real-world business examples for programming in today’s most powerful client-server environment. From the basics of tables, displays, loops, and conditional operators to tuning and troubleshooting techniques to web service calls, object orientation, or enhancing system performance, this tutorial is a must for anyone developing in the SAP environment. Whether you’ve already spent thousands on official training or learned SAP on your own, this book offers comprehensive technical knowledge on reports, interfaces, data extracts, and testing. Take control with INTRODUCTION TO ABAP PROGRAMMING FOR SAP, THIRD EDITION.

Features and Benefits

  • Covers ABAP basics.
  • Covers using SAP SQL to access database tables.
  • Includes coverage of advanced technical issues.

Table of Contents

1. Data Types and Definitions.
2. Displaying and Printing Data.
3. Manipulating Data.
4. Using Conditional Operators.
5. Using the Looping Commands.
6. Working with Internal Tables.
7. Working with the Data Dictionary.
8. Using SAP SQL to Access Database Tables.
9. Working with External Files.
10. Advanced Data Output.
11. Adding Subroutines to Your Program.
12. Using Function Modules and BAPIs.
13. Working with Logical Databases.
14. Writing a Report.
15. ALV Reporting.
16. Writing with Data Extract.
17. Writing a BDC Program.
18. Working with SAP Security and Authorizations.
19. ABAP/4 Workbench (Debugger).
20. Performance Analysis and Tuning.
21. Web Services.
22. BADIs and User Exits.
23. Object Oriented ABAP.
24. One Order Model for CRM ABAP Programming.

What's New

  • Covers object-oriented programming.
  • Includes coverage of web services.
  • Features an updated command list.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Gareth M. De Bruyn

Gareth M. de Bruyn has worked in the Information Technology world since 1989. He has written and contributed to 13 books on SAP, and one on home theater. He has worked with SAP since 1995. His experience with SAP covers technical and functional consulting.

Robert Lyfareff

Robert Lyfareff is an IT manager responsible for driving Innovation and the New Style of IT at a Fortune 10 company. He has written and contributed to 13 books on SAP. During multiple SAP implementations he has delivered business value through his strong technical and functional knowledge.