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CNC: A First Look Primer, 1st Edition

  • William Luggen
  • ISBN-10: 0827372450  |  ISBN-13: 9780827372450
  • 416 Pages
  • © 1997 | Published
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This is a beginner's introduction to computer numerical control. It offers solid instruction in the fundamentals of this highly skill-oriented technology. Structured and designed to be a comprehensive and holistic primer on the subject, it breaks each concept into 36 single-topic, easy-to-understand learning units throughout 6 major sections. The text is written at an accessible level with opportunities for the student to write answers to questions which build critical thinking skills in math and computer science.

Features and Benefits

  • written in a helpful, mentoring and directional style to make the reader comfortable with the content
  • "Tech Talk" windows contain highlights of interesting and useful CNC related information
  • illustrated glossary assists the reader in visualizing and comprehending terms
  • math sections review math crucial to success with CNC
  • sufficiently organized into 6 major sections and 36 small bite-sized learning units

Table of Contents

Getting Started with CNC and Preparing Yourself: First Exposure and General Safety. What is N/C and CNC? From N/C Yesterday to CNC Today. Why Study this Material. Getting and Keeping the Job. Customer Focus and Importance. Continuous Improvement. Teams. and Your Involvement. Math for CNC. Practicing Your Math. CNC Operation and Communication: How N/C data is Stored and Acted Upon. Drive Motors. Motion. and Feedback. Axis Relationships and Control. Types of N/C and CNC Systems. N/C Data Input and Storage. N/C and CNC Formats. Codes. and Downtime. Basic CNC Functions and Features: Functions Controlled by N/C and CNC. Sequence Numbers. X and Y Words. Feedrates and Spindle Speeds. Programmable Z Depth. Miscellaneous Functions. and Preparatory Functions and Operations Performed by Key. Putting It All Together- Simple Part Programming: Setting Up the Job and Getting Ready to Run. Simple CNC Lathe Programming. Simple CNC Machining Center Programming. Tooling and Fixturing for CNC Machines: Cutting Tools and Applications Practices. Using Carbide Inserts and Tool Holders. Fixture Usage and Basic Principles. Clamping. Work Holding. and Setup Tooling. Some Sound Tooling Practices. Advanced CNC Capabilities: New CNC Features and Advanced Applications. Language and Graphic- Based Computer Programming. CAD/CAM Basics and Beyond. Flexible Manufacturing Cells and Systems. Automation Concepts and Capabilities.

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