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Service-Learning Companion, 1st Edition

  • Dawn Duncan Concordia College
  • Joan Kopperud Concordia College
  • ISBN-10: 0618758984  |  ISBN-13: 9780618758982
  • 160 Pages
  • © 2008 | Published
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More and more, students, instructors, and institutions are seeing how service learning--a means of combining community service with academic education--enhances the studies, careers, and overall lives of students as they work toward becoming civic-minded citizens and leaders. Service-Learning Companion provides guidance to students who have enrolled in a program with a service-learning component, or a special individual course that focuses on service learning. Its versatile structure allows instructors to implement it as a companion to a main text or to use it as a stand-alone text. Concise and affordable, this text provides clear definitions of service learning terminology, a theoretical foundation, a step-by-step process of implementation and assessment, and specific examples. Hands-on exercises that allow students to respond to real-life situations and practice their responses in the classroom prepare them to perform effectively in communities.

Features and Benefits

  • Appearing in each chapter, Focus Exercises lead students through an application of the topic being discussed. These exercises can be used as classroom activities and eventually applied in real-life situations.
  • A Tip Box feature communicates advice from the authors. Tip Box topics examples include "Information You Need to Learn about Your Service Site" and "Communicating with Others."
  • The CARC Learning Cycle (Contemplation, Action, Reflection, Commitment) in Chapter 6 helps students complete and reflect upon Service Learning projects.
  • Icons visually guide students through each chapter, identifying learning objectives, Focus Exercises, and Tip Boxes.
  • The Online Teaching Center provides an Instructor's Resource Manual with a number of useful tools, including suggested learning objectives, sample syllabi, and supplementary handouts.

Table of Contents

I. What Is Service-Learning?
1. Defining Service-Learning
Service-Learning at a Glance
Commitment to Community Partnership
Learning and Academic Rigor
Intentional, Reflective Thinking
Practice of Civic Responsibility
The Kolb Experiential Learning Cycle
2. Practicing Service-Learning
Course-Embedded Service-Learning
Other Service-LearningOptions
II. Why Do Service-Learning?
3. Becoming Good Citizens
Preparing to Live as Citizens in Community
The Value and Virtue of Citizenship
Service-Learning in the Aristotelian Tradition
Levels of Engaged Citizenship
A Personal Case of Engagement
Leadership, Conflict Resolution, and Teamwork
Avoiding Stereotypes, Acknowledging Privilege, and Embracing Diversity
Social Change Wheel
4. Preparing for Your Future
Transferable Skills and Intentional Learning
Academic and Cognitive Abilities
Social and Interpersonal Skills
Finding Your Calling
Career Understanding, Work Preparedness, and Equipped for the Future (EFF) Skills
III. How Does Service-Learning Work?
5. Participating in an Integrated Experience
Roles of Service-Learning Participants: Campus Facilitators, Community Partners, and Students
Identifying Learning Objectives and Outcomes
Organizing for Service-Learning Success
6. The CARC Learning Cycle: Contemplation, Action, Reflection, and Commitment


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Instructor Supplements

Online Instructor's Resource Manual  (ISBN-10: 0618767517 | ISBN-13: 9780618767519)