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Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Introductory Psychology, 4th Edition

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  • William F. Price North Country Community College
  • Richley H. Crapo Utah State University
  • ISBN-10: 0534546536  |  ISBN-13: 9780534546533
  • 192 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1999, 1995, 1992
  • © 2002 | Published
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With its 27 carefully selected cross-cultural articles, this book enriches the introductory psychology course, helping students to better understand the similarities and differences among the peoples of the world as they relate to psychological principles, concepts, and issues.

Table of Contents

Part I: Psychological Research and Theory.
1. Culture, Values, and Social Thought.
2. The Use of Projective Tests in Non-Western Cultures.
3. How Universal Are Psychological Theories? Freud and Erickson in Global Perspective.
Part II: Sensation.
4. How Much Is Too Much Kayaking? A Case of Kayak-Angst.
Part III: Perception.
5. Depth Perception and Visual Illusions: Why Do Cultural Differences Exist?
Part IV: States of Consciousness.
6. Dreams from Culture to Culture.
7. Alcohol, Drugs, and Religion.
Part V: Conditioning and Learning.
8. The Ifaluk Ghosts of Micronesia.
Part VI: Memory and Information Processing.
9. How Children Think: An Issue of Content and Measurement.
10. Who's Afraid of a Test?
Part VII: Cognition and Language.
11. A World of Colors: Culture Influencing Linguistic Needs.
Part VIII: Motivation.
12. Was Hunger the Motivation for Aztec Cannibalism?
13. Aggression: The Nonviolent Semai.
14. Individualism vs. Collectivism: Differences Between Chinese and American Value Orientations.
Part IX: Emotion.
15. A Frown Is a Frown Is a Frown: Facial Expressions around the World.
16. Witch-Fear among the Aivilik Eskimo.
Part X: Development Through the Lifespan.
17. The Elderly in Native American Culture.
18. Female Initiation Rites.
Part XI: Intelligence and Individual Differences.
19. Race, Culture, and IQ.
Part XII: Personality.
20. Leadership Characteristics: The Case of Moral Reasoning in a Rural African Community.
21. Age Differences in Personality Traits Among the Highland Maya.
Part XIII: Health Psychology.
22. Witchcraft!
23. Coping Styles among German and Israeli Adolescents.
Part XIV: Abnormal Psychology.
24. The AIDS Pandemic: Addressing Perceptions and Behaviors for a Solution.
25. "Call me Crazy!" Psychiatric Labeling among the Eskimos and the Yoruba.
26. Depression and Culture.
27. Koro-A Culture-Bound Depersonalization Syndrome.
Part XV: Social Psychology.
28. Gimme a Break! Patterns of Cooperation Among Mexican-Americans, African-Americans, and Anglo-Americans.
29. Polyandry-Multiple Spouses in Tibet and Pahari, India.
30. Gender Stereotyping in Global Perspective.
Part XVI: Sexuality.
31. The Berdache: Gender-Mixing Among Northern Native Americans.
32. Cross-Cultural Differences in Sexual Jealousy.


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Instructor Supplements

Research in Action DVD Volume i, 1st Edition 2008  (ISBN-10: 0495595209 | ISBN-13: 9780495595205)

Research in Action features the work of research psychologists to give students an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research--not just who is doing it, but also how it is done, and how and where the results are being used. By taking students into the laboratories of both established and up-and-coming researchers, and by showing research results being applied outside of the laboratory, these videos offer insight into both the research process and the many ways in which real people's lives are affected by research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

William F. Price

William Price, received Ph.D. from Oregon State University and is Professor of Psychology and Chair of Liberal Arts and Science Division at North Country Community College.

Richley H. Crapo

Richley H. Crapo is a Professor for the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology at Utah State University. His research interests include cross-cultural studies, gender and human sexuality.