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Controversies in International Relations Theory: Realism and the Neoliberal Challenge, 1st Edition

  • Charles W. Kegley Jr.
  • ISBN-10: 0312096534  |  ISBN-13: 9780312096533
  • 374 Pages
  • © 1995 | Published
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The collection presents 14 essays on the debate between the two dominant theories in contemporary international relations-realism and neoliberalism.

Table of Contents

1. Charles W. Kegley Jr., The Neoliberal Challenge to Realist Theories of World Politics: An Introduction.
Part I: The Foundations of International Relations Theory and the Resurrection of the Realist-Liberal Debate.
2. Ole R. Holsti, Theories of International Relations and Foreign Policy: Realism and Its Challengers.
3. Kenneth N. Waltz, Realist Thought and Neorealist Theory.
4. Michael W. Doyle, Liberalism and World Politics Revisited.
5. Mark W. Zacher and Richard A. Matthew, Liberal International Theory: Common Threads, Divergent Strands.
6. Joseph M. Grieco, Anarchy and the Limits of Cooperation: A Realist Critique of the Newest Liberal Institutionalism.
Part II: Reevaluating Institutions in the Post-Cold War World.
7. Nicholas G. Onuf and Thomas J. Johnson, Peace in the Liberal World: Does Democracy Matter?
8. J. Martin Rochester, The United Nations in a New World Order: Reviving the Theory and Practice of International Organization.
9. Barry B. Hughes, Evolving Patterns of European Integration and Governance: Implications for Theories of World Politics.
Part III: The Problematic Future Peace: Arms and Commerce as Contributing Factors?
10. Robert C. Johansen, Swords into Plowshares: Can Fewer Arms Yield More Security?
11. Neil R. Richardson, International Trade as a Force for Peace.
Part IV: Normative Constraints on International Conduct?
12. Law and Morality in International Affairs.
13. Harvey Starr, International Law and International Order.
14. Joel H. Rosenthal, Rethinking the Moral Dimensions of Foreign Policy.
Part V: International Relations Theory and the Global Future.
15. James Lee Ray, Promise or Peril? Neorealism, Neoliberalism, and the Future of International Politics.
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Charles W. Kegley Jr.

Charles William Kegley is a past president of the International Studies Association, and has been serving the past two decades on the Board of Trustees of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Kegley holds the title of Pearce Distinguished Professor of International Relations Emeritus at the University of South Carolina. A graduate of the American University (B.A.) and Syracuse University (Ph.D.) and a Pew Faculty Fellow at Harvard University, Kegley previously served on the faculty at Georgetown University, and has held visiting professorships at the University of Texas, Rutgers University, the People's University of China, and the Institute Universitaire de Hautes Études Internationales Et du Développement in Geneva Switzerland. He is also a recipient of the Distinguished Scholar Award of the Foreign Policy Analysis Section of the International Studies Association. A founding partner of Kegley International, Inc. (a publishing, research, and consulting foundation), Kegley has authored more than 50 scholarly books and over 100 articles in journals.