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Understanding Sexuality Research, 1st Edition

  • Michael W. Wiederman Columbia College
  • ISBN-10: 0534509584  |  ISBN-13: 9780534509583
  • 146 Pages
  • © 2001 | Published
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With reader-friendly guidance, UNDERSTANDING SEXUALITY RESEARCH uses realistic, hypothetical cases to promote students' critical thinking. The first five chapters present salient issues to consider when evaluating research on human sexuality. The next ten application chapters correspond well with the primary chapters presented in most sexuality texts, making it easy for instructors to integrate the book into the course throughout the semester. Students learn to effectively apply critical thinking skills to human sexuality research and become more critical judges of research conducted by others.

Table of Contents

1. Why Understanding Research?
2. What Are the Goals of the Research?
3. What Kind of Person Would Participate in a Study Like This?
4. How Do Researchers Pose Sexuality Questions?
5. What Do the Research Results Mean?
6. Behavior: Do Males and Females Differ in Sexual Experience?
7. Mate Selection: What Determines Peoples' Choice of Particular Partners?
8. Protection: How Frequently Do People Use Condoms?
9. Infidelity: What Proportion of People Have Had Extradyadic Sex?
10. Orientation: What Determines Whether People Are Sexually Attracted to Men or Women?
11. Education: Are Sex Education Programs in Schools Effective?
12. Child Sexual Abuse: Is Sexual Contact Between a Child and an Adult Harmful?
13. Therapy and Dysfunction: How Well Does Sex Therapy Work?
14. Pornography: Is Viewing Sexually Explicit Media Harmful?
15. Love: What is the Role of Love in Sexual Interactions?
Appendix: Evaluating Sexuality Information Posted on the Internet.

Efficacy and Outcomes


". . .An excellent job of presenting the information that students need to become critical consumers of research on human sexuality."

— Bernard Whitley, Ball State University