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The Counselor Intern's Handbook, 3rd Edition

  • Christopher M. Faiver John Carroll University
  • Sheri P. Eisengart Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine
  • Ronald Colonna
  • ISBN-10: 053452835X  |  ISBN-13: 9780534528355
  • 240 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2000, 1995
  • © 2004 | Published
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This practical and succinct book guides students through each stage of the often-complicated internship process, offering resources that will prove valuable even after their internships are complete. The text is built on the experience of three established authors known in their fields: Chris Faiver, a supervisor to students in the field for over 25 years; Sheri Eisengart, a clinician, researcher, and former student of Faiver; and Ronald Colonna, a professional and administrator from an agency that frequently serves as a placement site for interns. Because the text can be used from state to state, it also serves as a perfect study guide for certification and state and national licensure examinations.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started.
2. Along The Way: A Counselor Self Assessment.
3. The Site Supervisor.
4. Developing Competencies And Demonstrating Skills.
5. The Clinical Interview.
6. Psychological Testing Overview.
7. Understanding How To Help.
8. Understanding Psychotropic Medications.
9. Professional Challenges.
10. Ethical Issues.
11. Finishing Up.
A. Sample Resume.
B. Sample Thank You Note.
C. Sample Internship Announcement.
D. NBCC Coursework Requirements.
E. ACES Technological Competencies for Community Counseling Students.
F. Table of Psychotropic Medications.
G. State and National Credentialing Boards.
H. Commonly Used Abbreviations.
I. Intern Field Log/Journal.
J. Sample Intake Form.
K. Sample Treatment Plan.
L. Case Note Components.
M. Sample Evaluation of Intern Form.
N. Sample Intern Evaluation of Site/Supervisor Form.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"I will continue to use this text for the Supervised Internship class. I like the format, structure, readability, consistency with real-world experience and it has served us well. It is not often faculty select a text that students are fond of but this is one of them."

— Michael D. Loos, University of Wyoming

"THE COUNSELOR INTERN’S HANDBOOK is a mentor in a book, offering the breadth of professional counseling content that is critical to the emerging professional counselor."

— Thomas Davis, Ohio University

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Christopher M. Faiver

Christopher M. Faiver is a summa cum laude graduate of Hiram College, where he majored in Religion and Spanish, attaining honors in both undergraduate majors. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. His Master's in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education (Counseling specialty) was conferred by Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Faiver also received his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (Counseling specialty) from Case Western Reserve University. Licensed in Counseling and Psychology in Ohio, he is certified nationally as a counselor by NBCC and as a clinical consultant in hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He is listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology. He has made numerous presentations and is the author of many journal articles and two books. Recently, he and co-authors have completed a book on spirituality and counseling for Brooks/Cole-Wadsworth Publishing. Dr. Faiver is a Professor and Coordinator of the Community Counseling Master's program at John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH.

Sheri P. Eisengart

Sheri P. Eisengart earned her Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University, where her doctoral dissertation won the Case Western Reserve Grace Brody Institute Award for Research in Parent-Child Studies. She earned her M.A. in Counseling from John Carroll University and her B.A. from Brandeis University. Dr. Eisengart is licensed as a Clinical Counselor and practices in Beachwood, OH, treating children, adults, and families. She is an adjunct faculty member at John Carroll University in Cleveland, teaching in the Community Counseling Master's Program, and is also a research associate in the Department of Pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, OH, investigating maternal mental health and child developmental outcomes. She has presented and published in numerous professional counseling venues. Dr. Eisengart's special interests include psychopharmacology, the interface between medical and psychological disorders, stress and coping in mothers of very low birth weight infants, and psychotherapy outcome research.

Ronald Colonna

Ronald Colonna received his undergraduate degree from Geneva College and his Master's degree from the University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Licensed in Counseling in Ohio and Pennsylvania and Social Work in Ohio, he is certified nationally as a Counselor and a Clinical Mental Health Counselor by NBCC. Mr. Colonna has been teaching for twenty-five years at the undergraduate and graduate level. In addition, he has made numerous presentations on the local and state level on Depression, Survivors of Suicide, Marriage and Other Relationships and Counselor Licensure Preparation. Mr. Colonna is an adjunct instructor in the Community Counseling Master's Program at John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio and Director of Clinical Services at Lutheran Children's Aid and Family Services, Cleveland, Ohio.