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Practical Problems in Mathematics for Graphic Communications, 2nd Edition

  • Ervin A. Dennis University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa
  • ISBN-10: 0827379463  |  ISBN-13: 9780827379466
  • 224 Pages
  • © 1998 | Published
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This revised and updated edition contains over 650 mathematical problems related to real-life practices in the graphic communications industry. The first five sections center on mathematical principles and the last five relate to solving everyday problems experienced by technical and estimating personnel. A glossary of common graphic communication terms is included. An instructor's guide is also available and includes two achievement review tests and answer keys to problems in the texts and review tests.

Features and Benefits

  • short chapters maintain reader's focus without overwhelming them
  • problems sets increase in difficulty as the reader progresses through the book

Table of Contents

WHOLE NUMBERS: Addition of Whole Numbers. Subtraction of Whole Numbers. Multiplication of Whole Numbers. Division of Whole Numbers. Roman Numerals. FRACTIONS: Addition of Fractions. Subtraction of Fractions. Multiplication of Fractions. Division of Fractions. DECIMALS: Addition of Decimals. Subtraction of Decimals. Multiplication of Decimals. Division of Decimals. Combining Fractions & Decimals. PERCENT: Percent Equivalents. Simple Percent. Calculating Interest. Calculating Discounts. MEASUREMENT: Customary Measurement System. Point Measurement System. Metric Measurement System. Calculating Ratio and Proportion. Using the Micrometer. ILLUSTRATIONS & PHOTOGRAPHS: Creating Graphs & Charts. Hand-Mechanical Sizing Methods. Computer Sizing Methods. COMPUTER PAGE LAYOUT: Spacing in Type Composition. Calculating Margins. Determining Tab Locations. Creating Columns & Tables. PAPER STOCK NEEDS: Basic Size, Thickness, & Weight of Stock. Equivalent Weights of Paper. Press Sheets from Stock Sheets. Determining Paper Needs for a Printed Job. INK & COATING NEEDS: Calculating Ink Coverage. Ink Needs for Single-Color Work. Ink Needs for Multiple-Color Work. Liquid Clear-Coat Determinations. COSTING IMAGED PRODUCTS: Determining Cost of Paper Stock Used. Determining Cost of Ink & Coating Materials. Determining Cost of Cutting & Handling Paper Stock. Determining Labor Costs of Imaged Products. APPENDICES: Denominate Numbers. Glossary.

What's New

  • new chapters on computer page layout, ink and coating needs and costing imaged products
  • the latest graphic communications terminology is found throughout for a better understanding of graphic communications

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Ervin A. Dennis

Dr. Dennis is Professor and Coordinator of Graphic Communications at the Department of Industrial Technology at the University of Northern Iowa.