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LabConnection Online Printed Access Card for A+ Guide to Software, 1st Edition

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With powerful computer-based exercises, simulations and in-depth remediation capabilities, LabConnection™ provides a uniquely integrated supplement to hands-on A+ PC Repair courses, and can be used both as a virtual lab and homework assignment tool. The system is SCORM compliant and provides automatic grading and student record maintenance. LabConnection supports Cengage Learning's A+ Guide to Software textbook and the A+ IT certification exams, and offers students remediation towards both. LabConnection, by dti Publishing, is a system that enables exercises and labs to be embedded within the curriculum and instruction. The system is designed for instructor led learning but can also be built into any online course. Online access delivered through individual learner access codes with a class account enables anyone with Internet access to utilize these tools. LabConnection is also available on DVD and enterprise license.

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Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Comprehension: All completed labs reflect a complete understanding of the tasks and concepts as they directly relate to the referenced curriculum and the Cengage Learning textbook. Through LabConnection's guidance in the virtual lab environment, the student develops skills that are accurate and consistently effective.
  • Exercises: Includes dozens of exercises that assess and prepare the learner for the virtual labs, establishing and solidifying the skills and knowledge required to complete the lab.
  • Virtual Labs: Labs consist of end-to-end procedures performed in a rich simulated environment where the learner can practice the skills required of professionals and on standardized exams.
  • Guided Learning: LabConnection allows learners to make mistakes but alerts them to errors made before they can move on to the next step, sometimes offering demonstration as well as media rich answers, all in a simple intuitive interface.
  • Video demonstrations: Instructor-led video demonstrations guide the learners step by step through the labs while providing additional insights to solidify the concepts.
  • SCORM Compliant Grading and Record Keeping: LabConnection grades the exercises and records the completion status of the lab Portion, easily porting to and compatible with distance learning platforms. All individual and class results are made available in a suite of detailed summary reports online.

Table of Contents

Labs follow the organization of the A+ Guide to Software 5E text. The Table of Contents of that book follows here.
1. Introducing Operating Systems.
2. Working with People in a Technical World.
3. Installing Windows.
4. Maintaining Windows.
5. Optimizing Windows.
6. Tools for Solving Windows Problems.
7. Fixing Windows Problems.
8. Networking Essentials.
9. Networking Practices.
10. Security Essentials.
11. Security Practices.

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dti Publishing

Pierre Askmo, president of dti Publishing, has extensive experience in the IT certification field. Mr. Askmo's deep involvement in the IT industry is testified to by his involvement as a Cornerstone Founding Partner of the A+ Certification program at the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). Mr. Askmo went on to sit on the A+ Executive committee that designed the A+ certification program and to participate in the Network+ and Server+ Advisory panels. As a former member of the IT Skills Curriculum Group of the U.S. Department of Labor, Mr. Askmo contributed to define the mix of skills deemed necessary to succeed in the IT professions. Mr. Askmo has co-authored the Course Technology book A+ Q&A, is an item writer for IT certifications and has worked on CertBlaster test preparation titles for MCSE, MCSA, and now MCTS and MCITP. Mr. Askmo is also the designer of the new powerful and user-friendly dtiMetrics™ assessment system solution that helps students master essential computer concepts and prepare for IT certification.