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Educational Administration: Concepts and Practices, 6th Edition

  • Fred C. Lunenburg Sam Houston State University
  • Allan C. Ornstein St. Johns University
  • ISBN-10: 1111301247  |  ISBN-13: 9781111301248
  • 552 Pages
  • © 2012 | Published
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Highly respected and now in its Sixth Edition, EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION: CONCEPTS AND PRACTICES is the best-selling and most comprehensive text of its kind. The authors discuss all topics necessary for a complete understanding of educational administration, balancing theory and research with practical coverage of culture, change, curriculum, human resources administration, diversity, effective teaching strategies, and supervision of instruction. A variety of in-text features help students learn, comprehend, and apply the material.

Features and Benefits

  • The book is lauded for its comprehensiveness--no other Introduction to Educational Administration text provides as much breadth and depth of coverage.
  • The authors maintain an appropriate balance of theory to practice, using an impressive research base that is grounded by well-chosen examples and practical advice.
  • "Focusing Questions" at the beginning of each chapter alert readers to the major issues to be covered.
  • "Administrative Advice" provides practical tips for educational administrators, including checklists, guidelines, and suggestions.
  • "PRO/CON Debates" in each chapter illustrate opposing perspectives on major issues encountered by educational administrators.
  • Current topics such as gender issues, minorities in education, career information, human resource management, and total quality management are discussed.
  • "Key Terms" and "Discussion Questions" at the end of each chapter encourage comprehension and application of concepts.
  • The Companion Website includes a selection of career resources for aspiring educational administrators and Administrative Case Studies to help strengthen students' analytical and critical thinking skills.

Table of Contents

1. Development of Administrative Theory.
2. Organizational Structure.
3. Organizational Culture.
4. Motivation.
5. Leadership.
6. Decision Making.
7. Communication.
8. Organizational Change.
9. Government and Education.
10. School Finance and Productivity.
11. Legal Considerations and Education.
12. Curriculum Development and Implementation.
13. Analyzing and Improving Teaching.
14. Personnel Administration.
15. Careers in Educational Administration.

What's New

  • New! Chapter 12 is a new chapter devoted to equality, excellence, and education.
  • New! The book presents a focused discussion on national, state, and local government in a single, condensed chapter (Chapter 9).
  • New! In "Words of Advice," a reworked version of the former "Exemplary Educational Administrators in Action" feature, administrators nationwide provide tips on how to excel.
  • New! Chapter 10, "School Finance and Productivity," covers changes in school budgets since the 2008 recession as well as costly environmental issues such as volatile organic compounds.
  • New! Chapter 7, "Communication," now includes Web-enabled forms of communication, including text messages, blogs, and presentation tools.
  • New! Theoretical coverage now includes more detailed discussion of turning theories into practice.
  • New! Increased attention to English Language Learners is provided throughout text.
  • New! Coverage of the Obama administration as it relates to education is incorporated throughout text.


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Fred C. Lunenburg

Fred C. Lunenburg is Professor and Senior Research Fellow in the Center for Research and Doctoral Studies in Educational Leadership at Sam Houston University. Prior to moving to university teaching, he served as a high school principal and superintendent of schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin. He has authored or co-authored 18 books, including THE PRINCIPALSHIP (with Beverly Irby), published by Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Allan C. Ornstein

Allan Ornstein (Ph.D., New York University) is Professor of Education at St. John’s University in New York. He is the author of more than 55 texts and 400 articles and research papers, and has served as a consultant for more than 60 government and educational agencies. He is a co-author of FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION, now in its twelfth edition (Wadsworth Cengage Learning).