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Irreverent Photo Tools for Digital Photographers, 1st Edition

  • Steve Weinrebe
  • ISBN-10: 1598639951  |  ISBN-13: 9781598639957
  • 285 Pages
  • © 2010 | Published
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What do dental wax, aluminum foil, and socks all have in common? They are just three of the simple, everyday items you can use to help you take interesting and highquality images and expand your photographic portfolio. "Irreverent Photo Tools for Digital Photographers" shows amateur and professional shutterbugs alike how to use inexpensive and readily available tools to shoot and edit great pictures. Divided into chapters that cover different styles and genres, you can easily browse through the book to find the tools that interest you most. Full-color, two-page spreads detail how to use each tool presented. The book covers tools for use in the studio and on location, for portraiture and still-life, for Photoshop and other digital editing programs, and much more. A good set of equipment is critical to day-to-day photography work but it needn’t be pricey or hard to come by. Inside this book you'll find the tricks and tools used by experienced photographers to take fantastic photos.

Features and Benefits

  • Written by an award winning professional photographer, instructor, and author along with guest-contributors.
  • Professional and amateur photographers of all levels will find useful tools that will both save them money and help them in their photography.
  • Each tool comes with a description of how it is being used, or has been used, by a photographer to help them in their work.

Table of Contents

1. Irreverent Studio Tools.
2. Irreverent Location Tools.
3. Irreverent tools for travel photography.
4. Irreverent tools for nature and landscape photography.
5. Irreverent portrait tools.
6. Irreverent tools for photographing children.
7. Irreverent still-life tools.
8. Irreverent video tools.
9. Irreverent Photoshop tools.
10. Irreverent digital tools (All Things Not-Photoshop).
11. Irreverent tools for all photographers.
Glossary of Terms.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Steve Weinrebe

Steve Weinrebe, author of "Adobe Photoshop & the Art of Photography: A Comprehensive Introduction" (Cengage Learning, 2008), has been an Adobe Certified Photoshop Instructor for well over a decade, and his career as a professional photographer spans 30 years. Steve offers Photoshop training in Moorestown NJ, and his Authorized Adobe Training Center, Imaging R & R, offers classes in Creative Suite software in Princeton NJ. Steve teaches classes in photography and Photoshop at the Maine Media Workshops and writes for several online publications on photography, Photoshop, and the convergence of still and video.