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Making the Dean's List, 1st Edition

  • Edmond Hallberg Professor Emeritus, California State University, Los Angeles
  • Kaylene Hallberg Former Dean of Student Development, California Community College System
  • ISBN-10: 0534248624  |  ISBN-13: 9780534248628
  • 208 Pages
  • © 2004 | Published
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MAKING THE DEAN'S LIST is an innovative, comprehensive workbook covering eight important factors that are research-proven to be essential for academic and personal success in college. These are the same eight factors covered in the online assessment the College Success Factors Index. Each chapter includes an explanation of the research that supports why the concept is important to college success and techniques to improve habits in that area. A variety of exercises and activities in each chapter is designed to help students assess their own habits and learn to change those that are hindering their potential for success.

Table of Contents

1. Responsibility/Control.
2. Competition/Collaboration.
3. Task/Precision.
4. Expectations.
5. Wellness.
6. Time Management.
7. College Involvement.
8. Family and Significant Other Involvement.
Appendix I: College Success Factors Index Criteria Definitions.
Appendix II: Case Studies College Success Factors Index.

Efficacy and Outcomes


"I like the way the text approaches the student on the student’s level rather than talking down to students. I like the concept of Peer Coaches. They make the approach to learning more effective."

— William Prather, North Georgia College and State University

"I was most impressed by the Peer Coach narrative approach- it elicits identification and empathy from the reader, personalizing key points while weaving in the content that is derived from research. The approach makes content accessible for the reader. Very effective and very well done!"

— Gary Williams, Long Beach Community College

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Edmond Hallberg

Dr. Edmond Hallberg, EdD, has an extensive background in stress research, assessment, and management. He received his degree from Stanford University and is Professor Emeritus of Education and Higher Education Counseling Coordinator at California State University, Los Angeles. His past experience includes being a college counselor, Coordinator of Academic Advising, Director of Admissions, and Dean of Students. In addition to COLLEGE SUCCESS FACTORS INDEX, he is the co-author of MAKING THE DEAN'S LIST, SCHOOL SUCCESS FACTORS INDEX, and SmartGrades.net.

Kaylene Hallberg

Kaylene Hallberg, MS, is the former Dean of Student Development for the 110 California Community Colleges. She has also been Dean of Counseling at Cypress College and is currently Dean of Counseling at Sierra College. In addition to COLLEGE SUCCESS FACTORS INDEX, she is the co-author of MAKING THE DEAN'S LIST, SCHOOL SUCCESS FACTORS INDEX, and SmartGrades.net.